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Institutional Finance & Administration

The Payroll office performs the following functions:

2012 W-2 Helpful Information

New Hire:
  • Forms 8233 (Non Resident Alien tax treaties)
  • Remit Employee Contributions to Vendors
  • Retroactive Funding Adjustments
  • Separations
  • Stipend Payments information can be found at the Accounts Payable website. Contact Toni Funderburke for additional information. or 913-588-5335.
  • Time and Leave Entries
  • Vacation/Sick Leave Adjustments

* This form will not change your address. Click on Address Changes to change your address. The W-4 changes in self service changes only your Federal taxes. If you want to change your State taxes please complete the State tax form. If you only want to change your Federal tax withholdings use self service.