Clicking on the unit name will go to its web site. The directory listing will take you to that unit's phone and email directory entry, which includes staff.

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In the Center, See IND, See
Infectious Diseases Infertility Clinic
Information Resources, See Information Security
Information Technology Administration-Wichita Information Technology Services-Wichita
Information Technology-Wichita Innovation and Strategy, Dykes Library
Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation Institute for Community Engagement
Institute for Neurological Discoveries Institute for Reproductive Health and Regenerative Medicine
Institute of Community and Public Health Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Institutional Finance, See Institutional Opportunity and Access, See
Institutional Research Safety Committee Institutional Review Board
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences Internal Audit
Internal Medicine Chair's Office Internal Medicine Housestaff
Internal Medicine-Wichita International Programs
IR Open Forum IR Training