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Student and Campus Organization Registration


Group Information

Name of organization:    
List any names previously used:  
Organization's Email Address:  
Organization's Web Site:  
Organization's Category:       

Type of Organization

Read the descriptions below and check the box(es) that best describe your organization. This information will be used to sort student and campus organizations found on the website.

organizations related to an academic discipline or school of KUMC   organizations affiliated with a nationally recognized group or office
organizations promoting or enhancing a specific culture, belief or ethnic group or that celebrates diversity on campus   organizations promoting a particular stance on an issue
organizations which govern a specific population on campus organizations with a specific goal to accomplish or project to complete (usually has a deadline to meet such as the Yearbook)
organizations providing volunteer service to the campus or community      

Contact Information

The Office of Student Engagement makes contact information available for each registered organization so interested individuals have a means of contacting the organization. Note that advisors will be automatically listed. If you do not wish to disclose any student information, please provide an alternative means of contacting your organization. Personal information (address and phone number) are for office use only.

Name Title Address Phone Email






Calkins Student Organization Center

G005 Orr Major is available to all registered student organizations. Refrigerator, microwave and storage space are available on a first come, first serve basis. This room is only available by card access. Presidents will automatically receive card access to this space. If you have additional organizational members who should have card access, please list names and title/function (ex: publicity chair, treasurer, etc).
Name Title/Function Email

Advisor Information (Must be a KUMC faculty or staff person)
Name Department Address Office Phone Email Address





1. Where do you keep your organizational funds?

2. From where do you receive funds?

1. When are officers selected for the organization?

2. How are officers selected for the organization?

1. How many members are in the organization??

2. Who is eligible to become a member of the organization?

Please type a 1-2 sentence explanation on the purpose of your organization. This statemen will be posted on the student organizations web site.

We, the undersigned, request that our organization be officially registered as a student organization at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC), with the right to use the name and facilities of KUMC.

By signing, I verify that I have carefully read the information below pertaining to the Regents Policy on Organizational Membership, and I have reviewed the guidelines for registered organizations at   The group will adhere to all applicable Regents and KUMC regulations affecting registered organizations.  In addition, I understand the president(s) of the organization are required to attend the Fall Student Leader Retreat as well as any Presidents Roundtable meetings, both organized by the Office of Student Engagement.

“We agree to abide by the established policy of the Board of Regents of State of Kansas prohibiting discrimination in organizational membership on the basis of sex, race, religious faith, national origin; and further agree to abide by state or federal legislation prohibiting discrimination against the disabled.”