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Fall/Winter 1998


Editors Notes

Welcome to the Fall 1998 Newsletter! I look forward to the opportunity to share chapter information with all of our members and invite each and everyone of you to 'become involved' in Delta chapter by reading this newsletter, participating in chapter meetings, and considering becoming a committee member. Our members are what make this organization really great!

I invite you to send me your articles and accomplishments in order to show case the many achievements so many of you have worked for. I also welcome suggestions and ideas on ways to make the 'Chapter news' more interesting.

JoEllen Greischar-Billiard

President-Elect: Individual who will succeed into the Presidency at the end of the term of office and shall promote purposes of the society. Term of office is two years.

Vice-President: Individual who will perform the duties of the President in the President's absence and shall serve on the Program Committee. The term of office is two years.

Corresponding Secretary: Individual is responsible for the newsletter of the Delta Chapter and corresponding with other chapters. the term of office is two years.

Graduate Counselor: Individual acts as a liaison between the School of Nursing and the Executive Committee and serves on the Eligibility Committee for a two-year term.

Nominating Committee: Three individuals who will be responsible for preparing the ballot for the Chaper Officers for the next year. the term of the position is one year.


Please Write:
Kathy Fletcher
893 Hillview Dr.
Desoto, KS 66108
Or Call:
(h) (913) 585-3741
(w) (913)588-1681

As I assume the presidency of Delta Chapter, I first want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank Anita Wingate for her outstanding leadership during her tenure as president. Under her stewardship our chapter has thrived. The overall excellence of Delta Chapter was publicly acknowledged at the 34th Biennial Convention when we were awarded the Chapter Key Award for the third time. Only ten other chapters were in this distinguished group of third time winners. All members of our chapter have benefited greatly from Anita's dedication and commitment to our organization.

I also want to extend a sincere welcome to the newest members of Delta Chapter, those 62 individuals inducted at the 1998 Spring banquet. The Executive Board encourages both new and longstanding members to be involved in the chapter's activities. There are numerous avenues through which you can participate. I urge you to volunteer to serve on the chapter's various committees, attend chapter meetings, and participate in special events. This newsletter provides information about how to contact members of the Executive Board. Give any of them a call and they can tell you about the many opportunities in which you can be involved.

This year Delta Chapter will be initiating a new endeavor, a Community Service Project. This venture is patterned after the community projects undertaken by Gamma Gamma Chapter in San Diego. That chapter is entering its fourth year of sponsoring a community service project. They have raised funds to purchase a needed camera for the local rape center, furnishings and toiletries for the women's AIDS shelter, and assisted a Russian nursing student pursuing graduate studies. In the newsletter we are asking members for ideas of worthwhile community service projects and specific ways Delta chapter might make some contribution.

The 1998 Regional Conference for Region 2 will be held December 3-5 in Oklahoma City, OK. The program includes a panel on nursing and the media; a keynote address by President Eleanor Sullivan; seminars on diversity, media strategies, and global connections; and a variety of leadership sessions. The Regional Conference provides an exciting forum to interact with Sigma members from eight states and I hope you will consider attending it this year.

A year ago Sigma Theta Tau International celebrated it's 75th birthday and now an ambitious effort has been undertaken to assure that the organization continues to serve the needs of it's members as we move into the new millennium. Under the leadership of President Eleanor Sullivan a Strategic Planning Task Force has been convened and broad input is being sought from all members. A Dream Team Survey has been included with each membership renewal mailing and thus far over 1000 members have shared with the task force their thoughts about Sigma's preferred future. If you have ideas please pass them on to headquarters.

I look forward to serving as president of Delta Chapter and welcome any suggestions you may have of ways to strengthen our chapter.

Barb Langner Back to Top

Delta Chapter held its induction banquet on May 14, 1998 at the Overland Park Marriott. Delta Chapter proudly inducted 62 new members. Please welcome the following new members to our chapter:

Jodine Abbott, Rebecca Bammes, Sherris Bellamy, Beverly Benton, Anna Bhatnagar, Roger Bidwell, Jennifer Brake, Ilene Brawner, Bryant Bremer, Amy Bruning, Martha Coombs, Jennie Domann, Merilyn Douglass, Sandra Frame, Allison Godchaux, Catherine Gordon, Julie Gorenc, Jennifer Green, James Hicks, Karena Housworth, Liane Hower, Marti Kastner, Mary Ann Kavalir, Craig Kazmaier, Diane Kennedy, Shelly Killman, Naomi King, Sandra King, Sarah Kreger, Shana Leonard, Marsha Lewis, Xiaoying Liu, Jessica Lusk, Jane Makona, Susan McConnell, Dee McGarity, Kirsten McGuire, Marcie Fae Mojica, Sandra Nerney, Wendy, Norris, Chika Okafor, Rebecca Oskey, Steven Owens, Meena Patel, Julie Pendergrass, Samantha Petersen, Cynthia Pruitt, Claudia Reale, Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, Mitchell Ruff, Anita Russo, Courtney Schwartz, Kim Sobolik, Lorene Stephan, Stefanie Tyrer, Joanna, White, Lori Winfrey, Lisa Wiseman.

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Each year at the May induction banquet, the Delta Chapter presents awards to graduating students and community leaders. One award is given to an undergraduate student who displays leadership and scholarship qualities. A graduate student award is given to a student who displays scholarship, leadership, and has made contributions to nursing practice. This year's Undergraduate Award went to Liane Hower. This year's Graduate Award went to Tammie Willis. The Community Leadership Award went to Eldonna Sylvia, RN, MS, FNP. Congratulations to these award recipients.

Perhaps you know a deserving member of Sigma Theta Tau that you feel is creative, or has good leadership abilities. Does this person or colleague give something special to our profession? If so, why not nominate them for one of our Clinical practice or Community Leadership Awards. Described on the next two pages are the criteria and procedure for nominating someone you believe deserves recognition in these areas. The recipients are honored at the annual May induction banquet with a certificate suitable for framing and a monetary award. Help us to highlight those members of ours who go the 'extra mile' for their clients and the nursing profession.


  1. The candidate is a member, in good standing, of Sigma Theta Tau.
  2. Candidate demonstrates nursing leadership qualities resulting in widespread community, state, or national recognition for unique contributions to the profession.
  3. The candidate has served in leadership roles in several community service organizations.
  4. The nurse has received community, state or national awards for nursing practice or leadership in the community
  5. The candidate advances the image of nursing within the community in a innovative manner


  1. Nomination for the award can be made by a member of Delta Chapter
  2. a. Nominating letter to be submitted to the Awards Committee Chairman by April 1

    b. Nominating letter will describe how the stated criteria for the Community Leadership Award have been met.

  3. Nominating letter will be accompanied by a resume or curriculum vitae supporting the nominee's particular achievement and continuing leadership role.
  4. Nomination will be endorsed by two (2) other support letters that attest to achievement of the criteria identified in the nominating letter.


The recipient will receive a certificate and mounted in recognition at the Spring Banquet, May 20 1999.


Mail nomination materials to:

Peggy Miller, RN, MS
STT Awards Committee Chairman
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 6160-7502
Nomination materials include:
a) Nominating lettter
b) Nominee's resume or curriculum vitae
c) Two letters of support

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1. The candidate will demonstrate three (3) of the following characteristics
2. Candidate will be a member, in good standing, of Sigma Theta Tau.
3. Develops creative approaches to nursing practice that contribute to quality client care.
4. Possesses clinical expertise and attributes of a clinical scholar.
5. Advances the scope and practice of nursing.
6. Serves as mentor/preceptor and inspires peer's practice of nursing.
7. Influences the practice of nursing through communication.
8. Enhances the image of nursing.
9. Utilizes current research and theory in practice.


1. Nomination for the award will be by a member of Delta Chapter.
a. Nominating letter to be submitted to the Awards Committee Chairman by April 1deadline.
b. Nominating letter should include the following background information:
Name of nominee
Area of clinical practice
Present Position
Past employment history
Educational background
Other honors, recognition received
Membership and participation in professional organizations
c. Nominating letter with also include a statement documenting how the candidate has met three (3) or more of the stated criteria for Excellence in Clinical Practice.
d. Please include curriculum vitae or resume.
2. Nomination will be endorsed by two (2) other support letters that attest to achievement of the criteria Identified in the nominating letter. Support letters may be written by persons other than Sigma Theta Tau members.
The decision will be made by the Awards Committee. The recipient of the award will receive a certificate and monetary award in recognition at the Spring Banquet, May 20, 1999.
Mail nomination materials to:
Peggy Miller, RN, MS
STT Awards Committee Chairman
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160-7502
Nomination materials include:
a) Nominating letter
b) Nominee's resume or curriculum vitae
c) Two letters of support

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Awards given Apr 3, 1998 at the Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair 1st Place Lauren Cox, from Trailridge Middle School for "Foot Works" a study of the growth plate ossification differences between 8th grade girls and boys.

2nd place Andrea Brown from Mission Valley Middle School for an invention entitled "Digit Fridgit" a gel-filled tube-shaped device that fits over injured fingers.

3rd place Jill Cameron from Trailridge Middle School for "Oh Daphnia, You Make My Heart Thump", an experimental study that tested the effects of the herbal diet pill Metabolife on daphnia (water fleas). She found that the compound increased heart rate and stunted growth. She also reported that fleas receiving the compound showed strange behavior such as "twirling at the bottom of the jar and swimming into the sides of the jar."

Judges for Delta Chapter were Kelly Hewins and Kathleen O’Connell. Delta Chapter gives cash awards and certificates of recognition to junior division (Grades 7 and 8) entries in the area of biological sciences and inventions. The exhibits must demonstrate creative ability, scientific thought and clarity related to the areas of nursing and/or health. Kelly Hewins presented the awards at the April 3rd ceremony.

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We are looking for those nurses that you know who foster high standards, work at a superior level, are highly committed to nursing, and promote creative work. If this nurse is not a member of Sigma Theta Tau, please consider nominating this person as a member. The deadline for submission of completed materials is February 16, 1998. Application materials are enclosed on the following pages to allow for completion. You can Xerox the information to give to potential community members, then materials must be submitted to one of the following persons:

Carol Starling
2015 Taylor Building
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160-7502


1. Submit a "Community Leader Membership Intent Form"

2. Submit letters of endorsement from TWO nursing leaders who are Sigma Theta Tau members. 3. Possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

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The Board of Delta Chapter has recently voted to undertake a Community Service Project that would benefit a worthwhile group or organization in our own community. Other chapters such as Gamma Gamma Chapter in San Diego have successfully raised funds for various organizations such as an AIDS’ shelter for women and a local rape crisis center. We are seeking suggestions for possible projects in our communities. They can include such things as purchasing needed equipment, augmenting resources, or assisting with sponsorship of a person or agency in need. Please submit your ideas by December 15, 1998 to:

Barbara Langner, President
Delta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160-7502

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On Tuesday, October, 20, 1998 Delta Chapter joined with other Greater Kansas City Sigma Theta Tau International chapters, Beta Lambda, Lambda Phi, and Mu Mu, for a Joint Chapter Program. Prior to the program Delta chapter had a short business meeting. Members attending the business meeting voted unanimously to approve a bylaws amendment that would increase the annual chapter renewal fee by $10. Beginning Fiscal Year 2000, the annual chapter renewal fee will be $20.

The Joint Chapter Program entitled "Life, Health, & HIV in Cameroon" was presented by Maithe Fowler, RN, MSN. Ms. Fowler is an advanced practice nurse who has worked with HIV positive clients for several years. She also is a doctoral student at UMKC School of Nursing. During the past summer, Ms. Fowler was part of a health care research team engaged in field-testing a rapid response test for HIV screening. Ms. Fowler presented fascinating information about the folkways of this African culture, the prevalence of infectious diseases among the people, and the health care challenges faced in this country.

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Funds are available on a competitive basis to provide seed money for pilot projects, instrument development, or other initial research efforts. Proposals will be reviewed by the awards committee two (2) times per year.

Deadlines for submitting proposals: March 15, 1999 and November 1, 1999.

For eligibility criteria and guidelines please contact:

Peggy Miller, 3030 Taylor Building
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas6160-7502

or call (913) 588-1640.

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Funds are available to assist with travel to national and regional scientific meetings. Preference will be given to those presenting scholarly papers. Application deadlines are March 15, 1999 and November 1, 1999.

Application forms are available from

Peggy Miller,
3030 Taylor Building
University of Kansas School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas, 66160-7502
or call (913) 588-1640.

We will have a presence on the Internet with our very own web page in the near future! Delta Chapter’s ‘home-page’ will be accessible from the University of Kansas School of Nursing web-site by early 1999. This site will be an adjunct to our newsletter and will provide everyone access to nomination forms for awards, update on meetings, and other relevant materials. We think you will enjoy this innovative way to stay connected with our members.

In order to continue to receive all of the Sigma Theta Tau information, you need to remember to renew your annual membership. We receive an updated list from International twice a year, and if you have not sent in your renewal, we will no longer receive a mailing label with your name to make sure you receive our chapter newsletter. You receive many benefits when renewing your membership to Sigma Theta Tau. including the chapter newsletter and Image, Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

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Brooks, E.L; Fletcher, K.; & Wahlstedt, P (1998) Focus Group Interviews: Assessment of Continuing Education Needs for the Advanced Practice Nurse, The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing Jan/Feb 29(1) 27-31.

Cobb, A.K; Bott, M. and O’Connell, K. "A Qualitative/Interpretive Taxonomy of Stop Smoking Strategies (QU/ITS),’ Western Journal of Nursing Research, 1997, 19, 702-725.

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Nursing Staff Development, 1998, 14, 31-39.

Kennedy, D. and Barloon, L.F. ‘Managing Burnout in pediatric Critical Care. The Human Care Commitment’, Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, 1997,: 20(2) 63-71.


Diana Reiser RN, MS, nurse manager of the intensive care nursery at St.Luke’s Hospital has been named by the editors of JOGNN as their 1997 ‘Reviewer of the Year’ for her service to patients, mentoring neonatal nurses and contributing to the profession as a reviewer fo JOGNN.

Sue S. Hinkle RN, MS Faculty at Saint Luke’s College received the Isabel Curdy Award for

Excellence in Teaching award. This award is given for excellence in teaching as recognized by peers and students. Neoma Youtsey, RN, MS, Faculty at Saint Luke’s College received the "Professional Achievement Awards" for her scholarly activity, professional organization involvement and health related community service.


Phoebe Williams, RN, PhD, Professor at the University of Kansas School of Nursing was awarded a three-year grant to develop summer camps for 300 kids with chronically ill siblings. The $1.3 million grant funded by NINR is called the "Intervention for Experience Enhancement". Delta Chapter, SigmaTheta Tau funded part of the pilot study.

Suzy Shupe, RN, MS, Clinical Assistant Professor was elected vice chairperson for the Johnson County Mental Health Center Governing Board.

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