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Wednesday, March 14, 2001
3025 KU School of Nursing

Members Present: J. Koehler, K. Wambach, J. Greischar-Billiard, S. Parker, N. King, S. Hanson, J. Nowak, D. Reiser, S Forbes, B Langner

Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Cindy Teel. The minutes were reviewed from the February 14, 2001 Executive Board Meeting and approved with corrections.

Karen Wambach presented the treasurer's report, including a Cash Flow Report dated 7/1/00 through 3/14/01. (See Attachment I). Karen commented that the chapter is due one more renewal check sometime in the next month.

Naomi King shared that 49 undergraduate (generic and RN to BSN) candidates were invited to join Delta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. Applications and endorsements were received from 41of these candidates. There were a total of 8 students who did not respond in any fashion to our letters inviting them to join. Discussion was held to decide whether or not the board should contact these 8 students to see if they had received the materials, and if they were interested. After much discussion it was decided that due to the deadline of tomorrow, as the date to accept the candidates - there was not time to contact each of them. It was suggested that next year, the counselors contact any students who did not respond by the due date - and verify that they were not interested in joining. Naomi also noted that one of the RN to BSN students received an unfavorable endorsement from a faculty member. There were additional supporting letters stating why this student did not emulate the ideals of Sigma Theta Tau. The Board agreed that this candidate did not meet the criteria, and would not be inducted into the organization.

Sarah Forbes presented the slate of candidates for graduate students in the MS and PhD programs. There were 56 names on the list, 12 of which were already members. Twenty replied that they were interested in joining, plus one doctoral student and one community member. There were a total of 22 who did not respond.

Diana Reiser shared the Spring Meeting is tomorrow, March 15, with Networking at 5:00 - 5:30 p.m. on the SON First Floor Balcony. The speaker is Sarah Forbes on the 'End of Life Issues'. Post cards have gone out. A thanks to Naomi King for being the 'on-site' arranger. Jackie Nowak arranged the Spring Business meeting.

Diana also shared that the Spring Induction Banquet is in place for May 17. The menu is Chicken La Orange, and Pasta Primavera, with salad, rolls etc. The cost will be $35 for either entrée. Cindy Teel confirmed that Dean Miller will giver her regards for 5-10 minutes, and the program will be a short slide presentation of Sigma Theta Tau.

Sandy Hanson reported the Community Service project of helping the Health Partnership Clinic in Overland Park obtain a complimentary Pulse Oximeter from Delco. Sandy will set up a time for the Delco Representative to present the $400 piece of equipment to the staff at the Clinic. The Kansas City Nursing News will be invited to attend the presentation.

Susan Parker reported that she and Karen Tarnow would judge the Greater Kansas City Science Pioneers posters on April 5th at 7:30 a.m. at Bartle Hall. She and Karen will then present the awards to the winners at their ceremony on April 6th.

Cindy Teel was happy to announce that Julie Koehler will attend the Professional Development conference with her in April. The Chapter will pay for the registration.

Awards for the Bieannial Convention are due April 15. Cindy Teel and Barb Langer will submit the materials for the Dean's Award. Jo Ellen Greischar-Billiard will work with Jeanne Schott to submit for a Technology award.

Committee Reports:

Julie Koehler reported that the slate of candidates for office was ready, and will be included in the next newsletter (see Attachment II). Ballots will be returned to Julie at her KU SON address.

Jackie Nowak reported that the Spring Newsletter would be ready to be mailed the first week of April. The ballot for officers will be included, in addition to information about the banquet. A map to the new site will also be included. Jackie commented that there were a lot of responses to the 'Spotlight' on members section of this edition.

Susan Parker reported that the Research and Awards committee had sent out 98 letters to community leaders regarding criteria for community awards. The committee also sent out 48 letters to BSN, MS and PhD students who were eligible to self-nominate for one of the student wards. These are due back after April 1. Susan also noted that here are 4 travel requests that will be discussed at the committee's next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Ellen Greischar-Billiard
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