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Wednesday, February 27, 2002
3025 KU School of Nursing

Members Present: K. Wambach, J. Greischar-Billiard, S. Parker, N. King, J. Schott, C. Teel., C. Starling, Yvette Harrell

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Cindy Teel and all members were welcomed. The minutes were reviewed from the January 23, 2002 Executive Board Meeting and approved with corrections.

Karen Wambach presented a revised Treasurer’s Report – dated 2-27-02 to the group (see Attachment I). She commented that disbursements were up a little from 2001 due to the additional expenses for our 70th Celebration this fall. Karen also presented the Savings/Checking Balances as of this month (see Attachment II). The third attachment represents a comparison report of chapter income/expenses for 7-1-00 through 2-27-02 (see attachment III).

Naomi King reported that 49 undergraduate students (generic and RN) have been invited to join our chapter this year. Veronica Rempusheski has an additional 15-16 PhD and MS students who were also invited. Materials have gone out and the letters of endorsements are being returned. Naomi also commented that 2-3 community members are being invited to join. Veronica shared that it is sometimes hard to determine if a graduate student has already been inducted into STT. She encouraged the use of the cross check through the National Data Base to enhance this process next year.

Yvette Harrell reported on the Spring Meeting that is scheduled for March 14 in 1023 Orr Major. She has ordered light appetizers, including sandwiches and a fruit tray for the reception which begins at 5 p.m. Next is the business meeting and the program entitled ‘Colleaques in Caring: Implications for the Next Generation’ will begin at 6 p.m. Mike Bleich and Helen Connors will be the presenters. It was suggested that signs be put up around the entrances to the SON building and Orr Major letting members know where the meeting is being held, since this is a change from our usual location. It was also suggested that we have members wear name tags and sign in at the meeting. Yevette will take care of these.

Susan Parker shared that she and Karen Tarnow would be judging middle school research projects at the Science Pioneers Fair on April 4th. She and Karen will then present the awards on April 5th. She will announce the names and titles of the award recipients at our Induction Banquet in May.

Susan also reported the Awards committee would be meeting on March 1 to look over the applications for the Travel and Research Awards. To date, there is one application for each category. For the next application deadline of September 1, it was decided not to send out mailings seeking applications. The awards committee has received no direct response from this method of notification in the past. The awards committee will also be looking at the materials submitted from students in the Student Award categories for BSN, MS and Doctoral candidates. There also may be candidates interested in the Community Award and the Excellence in Clinical Practice Award. If any members in the chapter know of deserving recipients, they should nominate those individuals. Materials are due to the committee by April 1. This information is available on our web-site. Susan has also been exploring e-mail opportunities to encourage members to nominate fellow nurses. Susan offered her thanks to committee members Peggy Miller, Sharon Kumm, Kim Tankel, Susie Kleinbeck, Ilene Brawner and Edna for their continued hard work for the Awards Committee.

The induction banquet is set for May 16 at the Ritz Charles in Overland Park. Yevette shared that the menu will again be a chicken entrée, with the option of a vegetarian entrée. The Cash bar will be available before the dinner, which begins at 6:15 p.m. The program will start at 7:00. An opportunity to donate monetarily to help support inductee meals will be available at the registration table. Yevette will finalize the menu, and Kathy Fletcher has included registration material in the Spring Newsletter which will be mailed out next week.

The Student Research Forum has requested a donation of $100, as has been given from Delta Chapter in the past. It was confirmed that this amount of money was in our budget for this purpose, and therefore approved at this meeting. Members of KUSN requested a donation to help defray costs so that members could attend the National Student Nurses’ 50th Convention this year. Sandy Hanson shared that we have about 10-15 students who would like to attend, and this year KU has a nominee up for a Spirit of Nursing Award – Alana Nesmith. The board voted to donate $100 towards support of the student nurses for their convention.

Cindy Teel brought up the topic of the Pinnacle Awards available through STTI. Veronica suggested that we nominate Roma Lee Taunton for the Mentor Award. Veronica agreed to spear-head this process and will request letters of support from various nurses that Roma Lee has mentored over the years. Examples include: Marge Bott, Diane Boyle, Sarah Forbes, Catherine Bradley, and Helen Hanson.

Cindy shared copies of the revised Chapter Key Awards requirements (see Attachment IV). She asked that all board members look over their duties and begin to gather materials that relate to specific submission requirements, and to forward this data to her. This should make the application for the Key Awards easier.

Committee Reports

By-laws: Sandy Hanson solicited members to join her committee through this edition of the Spring Newsletter. Sandy will need help going line-by-line through the new bylaws making sure that our chapter bylaws conform to national requirements. She is seeking members to help her with making these changes.

Kathy Fletcher reported that the Spring Newsletter is ready for distribution this next week. She was very creative this issue and included additional photos. It was suggested that we consider nominating one of our newsletters for a Newsletter Award through STTI.

Carol Starling, who was requested by Julie Koehler to fill in for her, reported on the Nominating Committee results for the Executive Board committee positions that will expire in June. She appreciated the assistance of Beth Clark, and is happy to share that she had two or more nominees for each position. The complete slate of nominees will appear in the newsletter and is available on Attachment V.

The next executive board meeting is scheduled for March 13 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. in 1025 Orr Major. The purpose of this meeting is for the board to approve the list of candidates for induction, prior to the Spring business meeting scheduled for the next day on March 14, 5:00-7:00 p.m. in 1023 Orr Major.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Ellen Greischar- Billiard Recording Secretary

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