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Sigma Theta Tau International Delta Chapter Executive Board Meeting

Wednesday, January 23, 2002
3025 KU School of Nursing

Members Present: K. Wambach, J. Greischar-Billiard, S. Parker, N. King, J. Schott, C. Teel. K. Fletcher, M Patel

Meeting called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Cindy Teel and all members were welcomed. The minutes were reviewed from the November 7, 2002 Executive Board Meeting and approved with corrections.

Karen Wambach presented the Treasurer’s Report for the time period from our last meeting on November 7, 2001. Attachment I shows the Savings, Checking and Disbursements for these dates. Jeanne Schott and Naomi King graciously reviewed all of the bank statements as a part of our ‘internal finance committee. Attachment II shows the Income-Expense report for Delta chapter during the period of July 1, 2001 through January 23, 2002.

Cindy Teel brought up the topic of our Spring Meeting and the possibility of Mike Bleich or a speaker from Colleagues in Caring as guest speakers. Yvette Harrell will be working on this program.

Involvement of new inductees/ new members was discussed. We currently have 650 active members however only 20-30 attend the meetings. We inducted 61 new members last spring. Meena Patel and her committee telephoned these new inductees encouraging their attendance at the fall program. If you are interested in helping Meena make the calls for the spring meeting please let her know.

The Science Pioneers is an annual event for area middle school students to showcase their research projects. Delta Chapter continues to award a monetary award to a first, second and third place student who has done well with a health based research project. Susan Parker will be judging on these projects on April 4th and anyone who would like to assist her is welcome. The awards ceremony is on April 5th. The organization has asked our chapter to make a $100 donation to help offset the costs of running the Fair. The board decided to decline this request due to the limited explanation of the needs for the money. Cindy will be sending a letter asking for further explanation of the use of the monies requested.

Cindy shared the dates of the upcoming Sigma Theta Tau International conferences and academies for 2002. The professional Development Conferences are as follows: March 14-16 in Houston; May 2-4 in Atlanta; September 26-28 in Philadelphia; October 17-19 in Phoenix. They are now spread out over the year and board members are encouraged to attend one if possible. The Leader Academy will be held in Indianapolis June 13-15. Jeanne Schott reminded us that she still has an airline ticket to Indianapolis, and the board encouraged her to consider attending the academy.

Cindy shared a copy of the STTI 2001-2003 Bylaws (Attachment III). A set of the by-laws is also available on the STTI website.

The induction banquet is set for May 16 at the Ritz Charles in Overland Park. Dean Miller will again be the guest speaker. We would anticipate between 180-200 people in attendance. Cindy will double check with Yvette regarding details.

Our web-page update includes a reminder to board members to get information to Dean Mehling whenever they have materials that would be appropriate for our chapter web-page. We are now placing the newsletter and copies of these minutes for members to keep up to date on chapter news. If anyone has photographs from Chapter events, please also give them to Dean to be scanned on to the web-page.

Committee Reports

By-laws: Sandy Hanson is looking for members to help her with the making the changes on the chapter by-laws – to match the changes made on the national organization’s by-laws. Her request will be put in the newsletter.

Membership Involvement: Meena talked about the ‘Dial-a-Member’ kit that she received from STTI. She would like to add membership brochures to the packet.

Graduate and Undergraduate Counselors: Veronica Rempusheski and Naomi King have met already and plan to send out the letters to candidates for membership the first week of February. These candidates will then have until March 1 to have their letters of support in to Veronica and Naomi. The board will review the slate of candidates at our March 13 meeting. Naomi shared that she had invited Jeff Novak, the Manager of Unit 51 to join as a community member. All members are encouraged to consider inviting friends and collequeas in the community who meet the guidelines for membership. Nominations Committee: Carol Starling will be filling in for Julie Koehler to help prepare the slate of candidates. Those positions to be filled this year are: Treasurer; Undergraduate Counselor; Nominating Committee; and Recording Secretary. Beth Clark will be assisting Carol.

The next executive board meeting is scheduled for February 27, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. in this room. We will meet for a short meeting on March 13 to approve the candidate list that will be voted on at the Spring Business Meeting on March 14. The executive board meeting in April is set for the 24th.

Cindy concluded by letting everyone know that all of the plaques and certificates were now displayed on the walls of our Sigma Theta Tau conference room.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Ellen Greischar- Billiard Recording Secretary

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