Sigma Theta Tau Delta Chapter

Chapter Goals and Strategic Plan 2010-2011

Goal Activity Responsible Person Expected date
I. Knowledge development and Dissemination A. Sponsor two scholarly programs per year, one that is evidence based, and one leadership with each having CEUs. Vice President and Executive Board

Fall Program November 18, 2010

Spring Program March 3, 2010

  B. Increase number of members attending programs to 50 Vice President and Executive Board To coincide with Fall and Spring Programming
  C. Increase Student awareness of Delta Chapter and STTI through

  1. Informational Tea

  2. Speaking at invited events

  3. Coordinating Invitation and Induction activities

Counselors with President, President Elect, and Vice-President 1.Tea -December 1, 2010

2.Speaking – As requested

3. Coordinating Spring induction activities

  D. Provide research awards to Chapter Members Research and Awards Committee ongoing
  E. Provide travel awards to Chapter Members presenting research findings and outcome Research and Awards Committee ongoing
  F. Provide student awards for DNP/PhD, MS, BSN Research and Awards Committee Spring Annually
  G. Provide Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship President ongoing
  H. Provide Science Fair Awards Research and Awards Committee Spring annually
  I. Provide two community leader awards per year Research and Awards Committee Spring annually
  J. Support undergraduate Honors students with funding for research Research and Awards Committee Ongoing
  K. Support the publication of the "Journal for Undergraduate Nursing Writing" Executive Board Ongoing
  L. Supplies    
II. Leadership A. Support Delta Chapter members attending Chapter Leader academy and Biennial Convention Governance Committee ongoing
  B. Increase Executive Board Diversity Executive Board Ongoing
  C. Mentor members through involvement in activities and task forces Executive Board ongoing
  D. Develop potential leaders through Delta Leadership Odyssey Experience Governance Committee ongoing
III. Sustainability A. Maintain Chapter financial security with a savings account equal to yearly expenditures Executive Board ongoing
  B. Increase active membership in Chapter by 2%


  C. Recognize Chapter member’s scholarly work and achievements in newsletter Corresponding Secretary Two Publications per year. One in Fall by 10/1

One in Spring by 3/1

  D. Support STTI Region 3 activities Executive Board Ongoing
  E. Receive Showcase of Regional Excellence Award President Every other year
  F. Receive Chapter Key Award President Every other year with Convention
IV. Community A. Collaborate with other STTI chapters, nursing organizations, hospitals & corporations in providing programs and service activities President & Executive Board ongoing
  B. Consider accepting members from other regions Executive Board ongoing
V. Service A. Participate in two community projects per year Executive Board ongoing
VI. Miscellaneous A. Audit President, Treasurer and Executive Board Every other year
  B. Bonding Insurance Treasurer and President yearly
  C. Award application fees President yearly
  D. Checking Account Treasurer yearly
  E. Liability Insurance President & Treasurer Yearly
  F. Chapter Assessment Fee President Yearly
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