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School of Nursing

KU School of Nursing Student Recognition Ceremony

Ceremony Instructions for Students

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  • VENUE: Memorial Hall is located on 7th Street between Tauromee Avenue and Barnett Avenue in downtown Kansas City, KS.
  • PARKING: Refer to the posted downtown KCK parking lot map (see graduation website), which indicates parking in the area. On-street parking is free on the weekends. Please use the Memorial Hall Driveway just South of the building for handicapped/wheelchair access. Memorial Hall has wheelchair access, but does not have a supply of wheelchairs. If wheelchair accommodations are needed for a family member or friend, please bring a wheelchair to the ceremony.
  • ARRIVAL: Students, once you have entered the building, proceed downstairs to your left (School of Nursing Faculty and Staff will be on hand to guide you to the ramp that leads downstairs). LEAVE ANY PURSES, GIFTS, ETC., WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. DO NOT BRING VALUABLES TO THE BASEMENT WITH YOU, AS YOU WILL NOT RETURN TO THIS SPACE AFTER THE CEREMONY.
  • CHECK-IN: Check in at the student registration desk. You will receive a copy of the program, as well as a card containing: (1) your degree program and semester of graduation; (2) your name the way it will be read; and (3) your final seating assignment. (Your seating assignment in the basement is exactly what it will be inside Memorial Hall.) Proceed to the holding area designated for students no later than 10:45 a.m. Hang on to that name card!!! You will hand it to the person who will read your name when it's time for PRESENTATION OF GRADUATES.
  • SEATING CHART: Draft copies of the seating chart will be sent to all graduates no later than Wed., May 9th. A finalized seating chart will be posted in paper form at Memorial Hall on May 12th. Look at the seating chart PDF document (image)at -- IS YOUR NAME THERE????? If you indicated that you did not plan to attend, and in fact you DO plan to attend, there may not be a seat for you with your colleagues. If this has occurred and you are planning to participate after all, please contact Sandi Sanchez 913-588-4381 immediately.
  • LINE-UP PRIOR TO CEREMONY: At 11:00 be sure you are standing/sitting in place in your row. You will receive some verbal instructions. The acoustics are not good, so you will need to be very quiet. (Thank you in advance for your courtesy!)
  • PROCESSIONAL INTO THE MEMORIAL HALL: The Platform Party enters the facility first, followed by faculty, who will also sit on the stage, behind the Platform Party. After the faculty members have reached their seats, your music starts and you begin to walk in. Walk in two columns, following the students in front of you. Look for the correct row and seat for your location. The students sitting on the outside aisle seats are the Row Leaders for the Processional. WHEN YOU GET TO YOUR SEAT, REMAIN STANDING. Once everyone has processed, Dr. Nelda Godfrey (emcee) will ask everyone to be seated.
    • Each row will travel right to left across the stage (as you face the stage), beginning with ROW A. ONE ROW INCLUDES STUDENTS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. A "guide" will stand at the outside of each row. The guide on the right will indicate when your row should stand and get moving to the stage steps. After ROW A, the right guide will have your row stand when there are about 5 people remaining to walk across the stage from the row in front of you. The guide on the left will help you get back into the correct row when you return to your seat.
    • Go up the stairs, stage right (as you face the stage) and proceed to the podium nearest you. Give the person at the podium your name card. AFTER your name is read, walk to Dr. Stites, who will shake your hand.
    • Then you will shake hands with Ms. Geiger from the KU Nurses Alumni Association. She will hand you a gift. Take it with your left hand, and keep it in your left hand. You also will receive a KU SON pin from Dean Miller.
    • You will then exit the stage. The photographers will take a photo of you standing in front of a couple of flags after you come down the steps. Someone will be at the top of the steps so you can see where you exit the stage, and someone will be at the bottom of the steps to make sure you don’t fall as you come down. (Not likely…but, just in case!)
    • Sit down when you get back to your seat. (NOTE: You may have to navigate through a sea of picture-taking parents as you return to your seats. Be gentle, and try not to step on anyone -- or trip over anyone!!) There will be about 180 of you. Keep it moving, BUT DON'T START ACROSS THE STAGE UNTIL YOU HEAR YOUR NAME!!
  • RECESSIONAL and EXIT: At the conclusion of the ceremony, Dr. Godfrey will ask the audience, graduates and faculty to stand for the recessional. The recessional will begin with the faculty members assigned to lead the graduates, the graduates themselves, the Platform Party and, finally, the faculty. File out in two parallel lines, reversing the way you processed in. In other words, the last students in are the first ones out. The students sitting in the inside aisle seats are the Row Leaders for the recessional. Go out of the Gym, through the lobby and outside (weather permitting).
    • If you are recognized as an award winner, move to the stage as quickly as possible.
    • Seating on the sides of the main floor will be reserved for guests in wheelchairs and those who require special accommodations and their families/friends. If you have told us of a special need, we have noted that, and will have reserved seats for your friends/family members with special needs.
    • For those of you with enough hair, bobby pins might come in handy to keep the cap in place. Practice walking around in it at home to see how stable it’s going to be.
    • Frequently, as students go up/down the stairs to the stage, their gown sleeves get hooked on the railing. Just keep it in mind.
    • SHOE ALERT: You will be on your feet for about 30-50 minutes prior to the ceremony, and will have to walk up a rather steep ramp from where you line up to where you start the Processional. Ladies, those 4-inch Manolo Blannik’s may be stylish, but this is not the place for them!
    • Every year a few folks lose a tassel. We don't have extras. As a precautionary measure, PLEASE PIN YOUR TASSEL TO YOUR GOWN WHILE YOU ARE CARRYING IT AROUND prior to wearing it.
    • UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS who have not yet earned a first degree wear the tassel forward and to the right. During the actual GRADUATION ceremony, the tassel is moved to the left signifying the conferring of the degree. The bachelor's gown is always worn closed.
    • MASTER’S STUDENTS wear the tassel on the left side of the head, signifying the completion of an academic degree. The master's gown may be worn either open or closed.
    • DOCTORAL STUDENTS wear their tassel on the left side of the head, signifying the possession of an academic degree. The doctoral gown may be worn either open or closed.

Remember, this really is a "show." Whether you're graduating Sunday, or several months down the road, this ceremony in celebration of YOU is also a ceremony for your families and friends who are extremely proud of you. Thanks for participating and making the 2012 Recognition Ceremony memorable. It is not only a celebration of the graduates, but also of you and your role in their education.

Questions about this document, or about the Recognition Ceremony in general?
Please e-mail Sandi Sanchez or call 913-588-4381.

Update: 5/7/10

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