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School of Nursing

Office of Grants and Research

The Office of Grants and Research facilitates the research efforts and scholarly endeavors of the faculty. Under the direction of the Associate Dean for Research, the office provides a multitude of services and resources for faculty involved in nursing research.

  • Services include consultation and assistance with grant applications; management of currently funded grants; technical support for presentation and communication projects; exploration of funding opportunities, conferences and other items of interest to faculty, staff and students.
  • Resources include conferencing facilities; a resource room with various manuscripts and reference collections available for checkout; various office equipment and services including computers, copiers, faxing, overnight mailing and portable display cases.
  • Advocacy of nursing faculty research interests are represented by the Associate Dean for Research both within the University community as well as to external agencies and organizations.
  • Public Relations support focuses on the publication and dissemination of information about research among faculty and students through collaboration with the School of Nursing Public Relations Office.

The operational activities of the office are managed by a full-time Department Director and staffed by a research administration manager, grant financial accountant, research assistants and administrative support personnel. The services and resources provided in the Office of Grants and Research help make it possible for University of Kansas School of Nursing faculty to make advanced, pertinent and award winning contributions to nursing research.

Research at the KU School of Nursing is focused into the areas of behavior and outcomes.