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College Prep Courses

The following high school courses are recommended to any student who wants to be well prepared for college, and in particular to any student who wants to pursue a nursing career:

  1. English - 4 years
  2. Mathematics - 3 years, including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
  3. Natural Science - 3 years, including biology and chemistry
  4. Social Science - 3 years, including 1 year of US history, 1/2 year of US government, and 1/2 year of world history, world geography or international relations
  5. Computer Technology - 1 year

Advanced courses in math, such as advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus will enhance your chances for success in college-level math courses.

Courses in anatomy and physiology and advanced courses in biology and chemistry will also help you in your college-level work.

Additional courses in communication, foreign language and other humanities will round out your preparation.

Many students find that working or volunteering in a health care facility not only enables them to begin to help people, but also increases their level of comfort working in the hospital setting before beginning their nursing coursework.

You will find that the nursing profession offers you many exciting choices that will allow you to tailor your career to your goals. The courses recommended will help you prepare to take advantage of those opportunities!

Your high school counselor can help you select courses that will best prepare you for your chosen college and nursing career plans. You can also contact colleges that interest you.

You will need the scientific background that the natural sciences and mathematics provide in order to master challenging nursing technology. The following courses are examples of courses recommended to take while in high school.

  1. Social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, political science, etc.
  2. Humanities, such as literature, history, philosophy, etc.
  3. Communication, such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, debate, etc.

These courses will help you develop the skills you need to work well with the people who need your help and your co-workers.

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