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Master of Science in Nursing

Leadership Specialty: Public Health Nursing

The Public Health Nursing specialty is for both novice and experienced nurses in public/community health, or those desiring to move from individual patient care to influencing populations. Graduates develop skills in advanced community-based interventions and outcomes measurement, with emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention strategies for a targeted population. Advanced skills include leading and influencing local to national public health agendas through program development, funding, implementation and evaluation; health policy creation; and management of public health entities.

Graduates will find employment in state and county health departments, national and regional agencies or as leaders in community-based clinical and advocacy agencies. The Public Health Nursing curriculum is 39 credit hours. All required courses are offered online.

Summary of Course Requirements

Common Core

Credit hrs.

NRSG 748

Theories for Practice and Research: Individual, Family, Community


NRSG 754

Health Care Research


NRSG 755

Health Care Professionalism: Issues and Roles


NRSG 898

Research Project


Sub total



Leadership Core

NRSG 880

Organizational Foundations for Leading Change


NRSG 808

Social Context for Health Care Policy


NRSG 885

Evaluation and Analysis for Health Care Effectiveness


NRSG 826

Global Perspectives and Diversity in Health Care


NRSG 820

Organizational Communication and Program Planning


Sub total



Public Health Specialization

NRSG 809

Health Promotion and Complementary Therapies


PRVM 800



PRVM 830

Environmental Health


NRSG 827 & 828

Advanced Concepts in Public Health Nursing/Practicum

2 & 3

NRSG 829

Public Health Practicum


Sub total


Total Credits Required:


Joint Degree Program

Master of Science in Nursing (Public Health Nursing) (MS)
Master of Public Health (MPH)

This joint program addresses the changing role of the community/public health advanced practice nurse (C/PHAPN) functioning in local to international public health arenas. The C/PHAPN needs knowledge and expertise in nursing, public health science, social and cultural sciences and the advanced practice nursing role in various public health settings. Coursework can be combined to earn both the Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Public Health degrees. Students in the MS/MPH joint degree program complete a total of 59 credit hours: 29 credits in Preventive Medicine and 30 credits in the School of Nursing. To be admitted to the joint degree program, a student must meet the admission requirements of both the School of Nursing and the KU MPH program.

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