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School of Medicine

Division of Health Care Outreach and Continuing Education Programs


School of Medicine

School of Medicine
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Kansas City, KS 66160
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Established in January 2003, the University of Kansas Health and Technology Outreach (HTO) department merged several outreach entities under one umbrella. These departments included the KU Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth, KU Area Health Education Centers (AHECs), KUMC Continuing Education, and Rural Health Education and Services (RHES). Individually and combined, these offices work toward improving the health of rural and underserved Kansans through communication, collaboration and statewide partnerships. In its inaugural year, HTO's services were guided by the objectives of the Kansas Rural Health Options Project (KRHOP), a collaborative effort of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Office of Local and Rural Health, the Kansas Hospital Association, the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services and the Kansas Medical Society. The objectives of the KRHOP addressed the issues most important to rural Kansans as access to health services, quality care, a viable health workforce, financing for health services, and public health emergency preparedness. These objectives continue to guide HTO's outreach activities.

Continuing Medical Education Programs

Symposia. These one- to five-day courses are presented at KU Medical Center and at other sites in the Kansas City area. Each course is a thorough consideration of significant and timely medical themes, identifying new procedures in practice and their underlying or fundamental principles. Instruction may consist of lectures, seminars, medical rounds, small group or panel discussions, live clinics, or actual laboratory experiences. Each day of instruction comprises approximately seven clock hours.

Off-campus Programs. Off-campus courses, usually a half day or a full day long, allow physicians to participate without absenting themselves from their practice for several consecutive days. Extramural courses of the circuit type are conducted at various locations in Kansas. Community-based "consultation clinics" are coordinated through the AHECs.

Clinical Traineeships for Physicians. This training is offered by special arrangement with department chairs and the Division of Continuing Education. Physicians who enroll may spend varying periods of time - from one week to several months - on hospital units, in laboratories, in conferences and seminars. The intensive program renews past skills and develops new skills and knowledge. Continuing Nursing and Continuing Allied Health Educational Courses. The division maintains an annual calendar of campus-based and outreach activities in continuing health education. For more information, contact the divisional office.