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School of Medicine

SURG 916 Surgical Oncology (4).  


School of Medicine

School of Medicine
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This rotation for medical students at a clinical level is designed to expose the student to procedures and techniques of modern surgical oncology. This experience includes: (1) Seeing all surgical oncology inpatient and outpatient consultations with the staff, (2) Operating room observation and participation with major cancer ablative procedures; e.g., radical lymphadenectomies, pelvic exenteration, major organ resections etc., (3) Clinical and laboratory exposure to immunotherapy and basic cancer immunology, (4) Exposure to special chemotherapeutic procedures; e.g., arterial infusion and perfusion, (5) Attendance at the combined medical surgical conference. The specific duties for each individual student is defined at the beginning of each module and will be changed to fit the specific needs and desires of each student. Evaluation is based on clinical performance. Offered in Modules I-XII. Prerequisite: SURG 900.

Course credit hours are indicated in parentheses after the course title.

Updated 02/25/2015