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School of Medicine

RADO 912 Radiation Oncology (4).  


School of Medicine

School of Medicine
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Kansas City, KS 66160
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Students will see consultations, follow up patients and on-treatment patients along with the staff. They will participate along with the faculty in simulation of patients, surgical procedures, brachytherapy procedures and other procedures that require physician participation. Students will attend conferences in radiotherapy, radiobiology, radiation physics and treatment planning conferences. They will attend site-specific multi-disciplinary and general multi-disciplinary conferences and present cases if required of these conferences. Students will be required at the end of their rotation to present to faculty, residents and staff in the department a topic in depth that involves radiation as a treatment modality. Students will be evaluated by their performance and conduct during their rotation with the faculty and by the quality of their presentation toward the end of the rotation. Offered in Modules I-XII. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences and permission of instructor.

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Updated 03/04/2015