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PED 922 Pediatric Gastroenterology (4).  


School of Medicine

School of Medicine
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The Pediatric Gastroenterology course will provide exposure to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas in infants and children. The student will obtain histories, physicals, and present cases on all Pediatric Gastrointestinal clinic and in-patients brought in for consultations. During endoscope, motility, and biopsy of the small bowel and liver, the student will learn the indications and technique as applies to patients they have worked up. Each student will be required to present a 30-45 minute paper on a specific Pediatric Gastrointestinal subject at the end of the course. Evaluation for the course will be based on assessment of performance of patient care and oral presentation and knowledge of literature. Prerequisite: Completion of third year.

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Updated 02/25/2015