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PED 921 Pediatric Neurology (4).  


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This module will serve to acquaint the student with the wide spectrum of neurological diseases of infancy, childhood, and adolescence. The student will become familiar with the neurological examination of the newborn, as well as assessment of the infant and child. During the elective rotation the student will become actively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders. The student will be exposed to routine laboratory procedures, such as lumbar puncture, EEG and brain scan, as well as special procedures, such as arteriography and pneumoencephalography. The student will be supervised by pediatric residents rotating through the pediatric neurology service and by staff physicians throughout all aspects of the module. Offered in modules I-XII. Prerequisite: PED 900.

Course credit hours are indicated in parentheses after the course title.

Updated 02/25/2015