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PED 915 Pediatric Cardiology (4).  


School of Medicine

School of Medicine
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Inpatient and outpatient clinical experience in children with cardiac disease will be provided. Daily pediatric cardiology ward rounds are conducted by the senior staff. Active participation in the pediatric cardiology clinics each week highlight the outpatient experience. Personal instruction will be given in cardiac physical diagnosis with stress on cardiovascular hemodynamics, evaluation of heart sounds and murmurs, electrocardiograms, and cardiac radiology. Significant responsibility in patient management will be delegated to the student who will function as a member of the pediatric cardiology team. The student will attend the various pediatric cardiology conferences and will follow children through the cardiac catheterization laboratory and the operative procedures. Opportunity will be available for participation in clinical investigative projects if the student so desires. Teaching conferences, seminar, and patient rounds will be made on the scheduled basis by a member of the senior pediatric cardiology staff. Offered in modules I-XII. Prerequisite: PED 900.

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Updated 02/25/2015