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Rodent Behavior Facility at KUMC

Fee Schedule

Billing: News Update 11/15/07

Starting this month, the KUMC/KIDDRC Rodent Behavior Facility will begin to implement monthly use and access fees for all users.  The implementation of access fees will help to generate a pool of revenue for the RBF to use for current equipment maintenance, future equipment acquisitions and growth, and partial salary compensation for RBF oversight and management.

We would like to remind users that rates for assisted services have changed from $20 to $30 an hour for KIDDRC members. Although this reflects a 50% increase in cost, our hourly rates are significantly cheaper than comparable services at other rodent behavior facilities.

The most significant change to be implemented will be a minimal charge that will be instituted for unassisted access to the facility.  A fee of $5 per hour will begin to be assessed to all users of the facility. The billing for these fees will be calculated from Meeting Room Manager reports. As such, it’s essential that all users utilize MRM to accurately schedule and record their time spent in the facility, as this is our only means for billing.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to support this facility as an important and growing part of the improving facilities avaialble to us all at KUMC.  We welcome the opportunity to address your questions regarding the new policy; feel free to contact us regarding them should they arise. 


Kenneth E. McCarson, Rodent Behavior Facilty Director
Peter Smith, KIDDRC Director
Michelle Winter, RBF Research Assistant



The KIDDRC Rodent Behavior Facility provides both assisted and unassisted services. Assisted services are those provided by RBF staff members and include direct, hands-on execution of research tasks (e.g. conducting behavioral tests, analyzing data, etc.), as well as consultation regarding behavioral measurement approaches and equipment design. Unassisted services include unsupervised access to behavioral testing facilities. Authorization to access RBF facilities for unassisted services must first be obtained from Michelle Winter or Dr. Kenneth McCarson, who will provide users with a personal access code. Users must keep the equipment and facility clean. All users must maintain an active approved Animal Care and Use Proposal.

The current fee structure is as follows:



Non-KIDDRC Member

Assisted Services



Unassisted Services



Assisted Services:
Training of laboratory personnel, experimental design, equipment set-up, behavioral testing, and data analysis.

Unassisted Services:
Equipment use only.