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Rodent Behavior Facility at KUMC

BMC Technical Services Request Form

Please complete all fields on the form below for any computer/network/electronic requests.

For emergencies, please contact Beth Van Luchene at 85970.

Thank you
BMC Technical Support Team

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Additional services provided by the University:

For projects that have been approved for core access by the MRRC Internal Scientific Advisory Committee, the fee-for-service is $15 per hour.  For all other projects, the fee-for-service is $30 per hour.  The cost-for-materials will be added to the total fee-for-service cost.  If extenuating circumstances exist, the fee-for-service policy may
be waived.  No fee-for-service or cost-for-materials is assessed for requests directed towards MRRC Core equipment.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in helping the overall effectiveness of the BMC.

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