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Biobehavioral Measurement Core at KUMC


Douglas Brownyard, Software Analyst

Douglas Brownyard is responsible for installation, maintenance, and networking of equipment, instrumentation and software supporting KIDDRC investigators at KU Medical Center. Mr. Brownyard has provided network and computer support to the KUMC community for over three years, and his duties include program installation, upgrades, resolving hardware/program conflicts , and arranging for equipment repair and replacement. He reviews, recommends, and implements software and hardware solutions to ensure cost-effective and efficient technical support. Brownyard specializes in the distribution, installation, maintenance and security of software programs supporting bioinformatics and DNA microarray analysis, including GeneSpring and Affymetrix software, on core workstations as well as on individual investigator workstations. Brownyard is responsible for workstation preparation for multi-user workshops for training in analytical software platforms. He also conducts video recording in center investigators’ laboratories when this is needed. Mr. Brownyard has developed and maintains web sites and on-line request forms for KIDDRC support cores, with specific emphasis on informatics-intensive activities. Brownyard’s salary for 71% effort is paid by the core grant and 29% by a restricted fee fund generated by fee for service activities.