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Dental Hygienist
Position#: KRC.0916.1603.06
Region: South Central

Job Description:
KRC.0916.1603.06 Dental Hygienist needed for growing community health center. You will work in a federally qualified health center to care for children and adults of all ages. We offer comprehensive medical and dental services, laboratory, and imaging services to people of all ages and incomes in our community. The hygienist will go into area schools, pre-school through high school, providing oral screenings, prophylaxis, fluoride application and/or sealants. Starting in January 2017, the hygienist will be going into nursing homes and providing oral screenings and prophylaxis to the adult residents. The # of days of going out to the different sites will depend on the facility scheduling. There is some travel to locations that are in surrounding counties. The hygienist needs to have an ECP1 license to go into the schools and an ECP2 license to go into the nursing facilities. The hygienist would be accompanied by another hygienist and an assistant. There is some paperwork to complete for state reporting, but the majority of it is done by the assistant. This health center is non-profit federally qualified health center taking care of both the insured and uninsured. The clinic offers dental, medical, and behavioral health services. The dental team consists of two dentists, three dental hygienist, and four dental assistants. Recognized as a PCMH level three facility, the clinic is able to ensure that patients receive more comprehensive care than they do under a traditional model of care, resulting in greater patient satisfaction. With a recently constructed 32,000 square foot modern facility, committed staff, and expanded services, the clinic has become a 'rising star' in medicine for Reno County. The clinic provides its dental team with the resources they need to deliver exceptional care, from a panoramic X-ray system to a WaterLase iPlus all-tissue laser. Salary range is $45,000 – 73,000. This is mainly a dental outreach position and can be full time or PRN. The dental hygienist will be working on location at schools and/or nursing homes. The hygienist's schedule will be coordinated with the various schools and nursing homes. The position comes with the standard Health Center benefits, which includes PTO, a matching 403b plan, paid individual premiums on medical, dental, short-term disability and life insurance coverage at 1X your annual salary. We also provide malpractice insurance and free access to our wellness center. This is a place where people come to work because they want to serve others. We believe that it is our duty to make things convenient for the patient, deliver exceptional care, and provide great customer service.

Community Description:
Located in South Central Kansas, this county offers those who live here the best of both worlds - big city conveniences blended with the benefits of a comfortable community filled with a prosperous atmosphere. There is the vibrancy of a city determined to thrive and progress, yet without the big city problems of air pollution, rampant crime, traffic jams and socioeconomic battles. Residents enjoy their central location just a few hours from the Rockies, Ozarks and the metropolitan areas of Kansas City, Denver and Dallas. There is a large selection of cultural arts, entertainment, and outdoor recreational and sporting activities. Quality educational systems (both public and parochial) and also a local community college are available. We strive to make a work environment that places employees at the center, empowering them with the tools they need to succeed. When the dental staff is succeeding, the community is receiving exceptional care, which is our number one goal. However, we know that sound patient care won't happen without first creating an organization of satisfied, productive dentists, hygienists, assistants, and other employees. We hope that you are not only interested, but the type of person who is ready to meet and serve the great citizens of Hutchinson and the surrounding community!

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