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20 May 1999 • Volume 1 • Number 10
Formerly “Topics”


Sunday’s ceremonies signal beginning for 744 new health care professionals
Diverse, enthusiastic and focused, this week the graduating students from the Schools of Allied Health, Graduate Studies, Medicine and Nursing mark their formal passage into their chosen health care professions, when the University of Kansas holds commencement activities Sunday, May 23.
“This group brought a wide variety of life experiences, talents and skills to us,” explained Dorothy Knoll, dean of Student Services. “When I held student leader meetings this year, their commitment and their enthusiasm never waned. They stayed engaged to the end, even when they had other things vying
for their attention.”

05209901.jpg (31299 bytes) Among the many graduating students receiving special honors this week is Lynee Epp of the School of Nursing. Epp’s story appears on page 6. For more student and faculty awards, see pages 4-6.

This year, 744 students from the KUMC campus will be recognized in Lawrence. The KU School of Medicine will bestow 166 medical degrees and 46 graduate medical degrees. In the School of Allied Health, 97 students will earn undergraduate degrees and 83 will receive graduate degrees. The School of Nursing will award 115 undergraduate degrees and 58 graduate degrees. One hundred fifty-nine medical residents and 20 fellows will also receive certificates.
Among the many activities surrounding commencement is a luncheon and open house Saturday, May 22, for KUMC graduates and their families, hosted by Executive Vice Chancellor Donald Hagen, MD, and his wife Karen. Deans Powell and Miller will join the Hagens in a receiving line to welcome graduates. More than 60 volunteers, including KUMC employees, Auxiliary members and representatives from KUMC administration, will donate time and energy to serve the anticipated 2,500 guests. The event will also feature live music and sack lunches for children.
Another highlight for graduates occurs Sunday, May 23, when KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway hosts a luncheon at the Chancellor’s Residence in Lawrence for all KU graduates. The annual event, which features members of KU faculty and administration serving lunch to the students, begins at 11:30 a.m.
Commencement begins at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence.

05209902.jpg (25366 bytes) Kathy Davis, MS Ed, pediatric school teacher and child life coordinator, restocked her classroom Monday as the pediatrics unit moved into KUMC’s new Pediatric Pavilion. KCTV 5 was on hand to gather footage for next month’s Children’s Miracle Network Telethon.


Executive Forum

05209903.jpg (18791 bytes) Allied Health graduates are exceptionally well-prepared
“The Allied Health graduates are exceptionally well-prepared,” said Ken Davis, outreach director for the School of Allied Health.
“They benefit from an excellent education and training that enables 95 percent of the students to pass, the first time, state and national certifying exams. This is well above the national average,” continued Davis.
“Graduation time is significant because the students have succeeded in completing their professional curriculum, including Cytotechnology, Dietetics and Nutrition, Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Health Information Management, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Respiratory Care Practitioners. The professional courses include internship opportunities, where they are challenged daily with intensive learning and clinical examinations. Graduation opens their chosen career doors,” he stressed.

“Allied Health graduates have a responsibility to continue their learning, to stay current in their fields as they practice their profession. About 95 percent of our graduates locate positions in their field within three months of graduation,” smiled Davis.

05209904.jpg (36880 bytes) Dean Powell stresses ‘life-long learning,’ pride in graduates
“The field of medicine is constantly changing with new medical discoveries and advanced treatments. Yet some things will not change. Always remaining the same is the art of compassion, the ability to listen and analyze and the discipline of learning. The School of Medicine graduates have learned these lessons that provide the foundation for the way they will practice medicine,” said Deborah Powell, MD, executive dean, School of Medicine and vice chancellor for clinical affairs.

“At graduation, the hooding ceremony is one of the most important milestones in a medical doctor’s career. It signifies the completion of a long and challenging road to gain the title of MD, Doctor of Medicine. It’s an incredible and powerful experience to place the doctoral hood over each graduate’s head and then for each to recite the Hippocratic oath, carrying forward a tradition of centuries,” she continued.
“Graduation is an important celebration for not only the graduates, but their families. Medical school is a huge commitment of time and resources and the support of family is tremendously critical.”
Dean Powell’s advice to graduates is, “Remember you are entering a profession of life-long learning. You will always be learning and you will always be teaching. Sustain the friendships you have made here.
“We are very proud of the 1999 graduates. They are extremely focused, determined and ready to make major contributions in medicine. They have a tremendous work ethic and volunteer spirit. They are moving on to residency training in 30 states around the country. We know they will do well and we wish them the very best,” beamed Dean Powell.


Progress Report answers ‘What’s Happening?’
Irene Cumming, KU Hospital president and CEO, will present a series of Progress Reports beginning next week. The first session, “What’s Happening?” will be presented six times over the next three weeks. Additional information and locations will be communicated via e-mail, flyers and staff meetings. The schedule for “What’s Happening?” is:
•    Wednesday, May 26, 5:30 a.m.
•    Thursday, May 27, 11:30 a.m.
•    Wednesday, June 2, 3:45 p.m.
•    Thursday, June 3, 7:45 a.m.
•    Wednesday, June 9, 12:15 p.m.
•    Thursday, June 10, 3:45 p.m.


KUMC welcomes Admiral Phillips
Hixon Atrium was the site of a May 18 reception honoring Admiral H. Edward (Ed) Phillips, the newly appointed vice chancellor for administration.
Adm. Phillips, former director of the Navy Medical Service Corps, will replace Roger Lambson, PhD, who is retiring at the end of the year.
In addition to a master’s degree in hospital and health care administration from the University of Iowa, Adm. Phillips brings 31 years of experience with U.S. Navy health care systems to his new position at KUMC.
“Ed Phillips is a systems thinker and a master at win/win perspectives when working in complex organizations,” said Executive Vice Chancellor Donald Hagen, MD. “I worked very closely with him for several years and know that he will bring the highest quality of integrity with him to the medical center.”
Adm. Phillips said he is eager to begin focusing on new challenges at KUMC.

H. Edward Phillips
05209905.jpg (21888 bytes)
“I look forward to the opportunity to make a contribution to KU Medical Center’s vital missions of education, research, patient care and service to the people of Kansas and the area,” he said.


Chitty has global ambitions
Many people say they’d like to make the world a better place. Julie Chitty makes it happen.
Through her efforts with the non-government organization International Development and Relief Board (IDRB), Chitty, a graduate student in the School of Nursing, has already made a big difference in the lives of many individuals in developing African nations.
Prior to enrolling in graduate school, Chitty spent two years working in Africa as an IDRB program coordinator.
“As a community health coordinator, one of my responsibilities was managing a UNICEF primary health care program in Kenya,” she said. “We set-up mobile clinics and targeted children under the age of five and pregnant or lactating women.”
Chitty said her time in Africa was a life-altering experience.
“I received much more than I ever gave to them, not just in knowledge, but in love and acceptance,” she said. “I believe all people deserve holistic health care—not just care for the body, but care for the mind and spirit.”

05209906.jpg (30595 bytes) Julie Chitty, second from right, spent two years as a health care coordinator in Kenya. She has also worked as a medical assistant in Nicaragua, Panama, The Gambia, Djibouti and Somalia.

In addition to working on her family nurse practitioner masters degree at KUMC, Chitty is a graduate teaching assistant for Karen Tarnow, RN, PhD, clinical assistant professor, in the School of Nursing Learning Lab, and a graduate research assistant for Patricia A. Fazzone, RN, DNSc, assistant professor. After receiving her degree this month, Chitty begins another masters program in public health at Johns Hopkins University.


University to honor employees May 24
Nearly 1,100 State of Kansas employees will be honored at the University Employee Recognition Celebration Monday, May 24.
The celebration begins with a breakfast for the 25-Year Club. The 181 University employees who have served a quarter century or more will gather from 9 to 11 a.m. under a tent in the courtyard. They will be thanked for their contributions by Executive Vice Chancellor Donald Hagen, MD, Vice Chancellor for Administration Roger Lambson, PhD, and Director of Human Resources Rick Robards.
From 2 to 4 p.m., another 900 employees will be recognized at a reception for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service.
This is the first such celebration since 1995. The May 24 ceremonies recognize University employee milestones reached in fiscal years 1996-1998. Additionally, there are nearly 900 KU Hospital employees with many years of service with the University-State of Kansas. The Hospital Authority and the University are developing a way to recognize these employees in coming months. Complete details will be communicated as they become available.


To the 1999 graduates of the KU Schools of Allied Health, Graduate Studies, Medicine and Nursing*

05209907.jpg (32144 bytes)
Mariza Greenwald won the
Outstanding Senior Award
from the School of Nursing.
05209908.jpg (23823 bytes)
School of Nursing student
Erica Blackwell received the
Mary Roberts Award-Senior.
05209909.jpg (17139 bytes)
Katherine Fletcher, RN, PhD,
clinical assistant professor in the
School of Nursing, received the
Phyllis Keeney Lawrence
Teaching Award.
05209910.jpg (25815 bytes)
Gloria Chang was one of 115
School of Medicine students
participating in Match Day.

School of Allied Health:

Audiology Barrett, Jillian Diane

Dietetics&Nutrition Niehues, Jodi Ann
Forrey, Amie Sue Paseka, Shannon Rae
Fox, Catherine J Rawson, Scott Thomas

Medical Technology Grudniewski, Andrew Steven
Adams, Keri Lea Hissong, Mark Allen
Boschek, Valicia Kaye Holt, Anne Elizabeth
Bruemmer, Gretchen Elizabeth Hughes, William Michael
Cannon, Amy Marie Khounthasenh, Phouvieng
Cawyer, Joann Rea Moala, Tonya Lynette-Elmore
Dinoni, Ashlea Rae Moeller, Matthew Clay
Easley, Carrie M Osborne, Jennifer L
Eastwood, Christine Rachel Wainio, Bryan G
Gerling, Angela Marie Wendel, Catherine Ann

Occupational Therapy Marr, Tiffany L
Baker, Kyndra Lynn Martin, Allison Marie
Bird, Janette Suzanne Masters, Karen Lee
Bowman, Kelly Michelle Miner, Michael A
Chapman, Lisa Erin Moritz, Lee Christina
Conaghan, Angela Marie Musser, Beverly D
Cromwell, Heidi N Pederson, Shawna M
Denesia-Glover, Christine Ann Peterson, Jennifer C
Fast, Cheryl Lynn Pryor, Amy Michelle
Fitze, Kathleen Marie Ratzlaff, Stephanie D
Gish, Jennifer Lynn Rugan, Jeanene Renee
Hartman, Kristi Ann Sandoval, Julie Marie
Herman, John Jeremy Sheldon, Lana K
Howard, Allison Rae Smith, Elizabeth A
Jacobitz, Darcy S Varner, Lorraine Annette
Kolenbrander, Angela Jean Weilert, Amber Dawn
Lambson, Julina Michelle Wendt, Shawna M
Lincoln, Kelly Ann Wisong, Jaime Ann
Manecke, Kristen Marie Young, Karen M

Physical Therapy Marsh, Jaime Alexander
Anderson, Christopher Scott Mercer, Nicole Renee
Baldonado, Eric Damon Nanos, April Fulton
Beach, Elizabeth A Nelson, Kelly S
Booker, Wendy Jean Oakleaf, Kristie Laureen
Brady, Catherine Renee Ostmeyer, Ashley K
Briggs, Shannon Dee Parker, Laura June
Broeckelman, Tiffany Ploger, Heather Susan
Conklin, Travis Raphael Schaefer, Lisa Ann
Debbrecht, Danielle K Smalley, Jeffery Charles
Engler, Heather Michelle Stone, Robyn Susanne
Franklin, Teresa Lynne Strahm, Lisa Hauoli
Goerke, Sara E Thomas, Melinda M
Greene, Lori L Thomson, Kirsten Jane
Hans, Heather Gagnon Tripp, Trent Maxwell
Herrman, Troy Christopher Vandersnick, Mark Leo
Humphrey, Julie Anne Varghese, Smitha Ann
Kemling, Lori Lee Voos, Brian A
Kirchhoff, Karen Edna Wakeman, Trina Dawn
Koester, Corey Matthew Willing, Kelsey Ann
Magner, Scott C Yates, Stephanie Renee

Public Health
Felt, Diane C Heilman Montoya-Verona, Alberto Eduardo
Gessert, Charles Edmund Neely, Judith Ann
Greiner, Keith Allen Okuyemi, Kolawole Stephen
Jolicoeur, Denise Germaine Sharma, Meenakshi
Klemp, Jennifer Rose Sharma, Vidya
Lassman, Suzanne J Yates, Joni Stoker

Respiratory Care Merriott, Erin Michelle
Dvorak, Matthew Ervin Nguyen, Mary Ann
Fine, Kelle Rene Sawyer, Tamika Sharmaine
Jewell, David William Shubert, Jill Louise
Johnson, Ida Catherine Stuckey, Allie Beth
Lewis, Bettina Vaughan, Margaret-Ann C
Marquez, Alberto Enrique Watts, Christina M

School of Medicine Gruenbacher, Shelly Lynn Neighbor, Samantha Kristine
Aguilera, Martha Ximena Halabi, Jennifer Prather Newell, Brandon Dale
Ain, Robert Jason Halsey, Eric Stuart Nguyen, Tim Duc
Alexander, Darya Ann Hanson, Kathy Anne Nickel, Graig Louis
Alford, Kelly Renee Harmon, Andrew Michael Nieman, Jared D.
Anderson, John Thomas Harrison, Ofelia Irene Pappademos, Paul Constantine
Archuleta, Travis Dean Hathaway, Shawn Rey Park, William
Astoquilca, Natalia Esquia Haupt, Stephanie Ann Pater, Timothy Jerome
Azma, Angela Hiatt, James Andrew Peacock, Georgina
Barlow, William John Hoernle, Nils Rainer Peterson, Dawn Michelle
Bartolome, Sonja Darrell Hoing, Amy Nanette Phillips, Arlana Rose
Basel, David Alan Hopkins, Brian James Pollack, Jonathan
Bastasch, Michael David Horinek, Anthony Robert Ponnuru, Satish
Beard, Sheryl Marie Howard, Clancy Shane Prendes Jr., Carlos Alberto
Bell, John Ronald D. Hu, Ningmei Reynolds, David Neal
Bell, Julie Diane Hu, Sidney Yuanshan Robinson, Loleta Marie
Bengtsen, Dana Christine Hyland, Jacqueline Robinson, Yvonne Demaris
Beningfield, Alec Jackson, Jason Christopher Roeder, Brent Eugene
Birkbeck, James Patrick Janasek, Mitchell Jay Rosenberg, Jason Gregory
Brake, Joel Abraham Johnson, Heather Linee Sadiq, Timothy Suleman
Brotherton Iii, Lawrence Clay Johnson, Ryan Douglas Scarbrough, Marcus Lindley
Buckles, Daniel Christopher Joslyn, Matthew Isaac Selenke, Darcy Kathryn
Canfield, Kris Allen Kamen, Diane Leigh Shoemaker, Margrethe Atina
Carey, Joshua Paul Keller, Sean Christopher Sibley, Alison Renee
Chang, Chia-Wai David Keller, Travis James Simpson, Sabrina Renea
Chang, Yeachyng Kathy Kern, Gordon Lee Singh, Juhee Lata
Charlton, Cynthia Elaine Killingsworth, Sandra Sue Smith, Dirk Matthew
Cheng, Gloria Shih Klein, Tracy Ray Spann, Michelle Annette
Condon, Bradley Joseph Kroeker, Elizabeth Jeanne Sparks, Charisse Yvette
Corman, Mark Steven Lammers, Windy Stephens, Gillian Sylvia
Crist, Brett Duane Lee, Nina Louise Stevenson, Michael Edward
Davis Jr., Charles Isaac Lewis, Robert David Suiter, Beatty Garrett
Davis, Constance Ann Lexow, Michael Paul Temes, Richard Elias
Davis, Steven Warren Liang, Mike Kuo Thies, Stephen Patrick
Dooley, Scott Allen Lick, Heather Ann Tovar, Jose Samuel
Edmonds, Hope Johanna Lin, Jefferson Bo Zi Tramp, Casey Kathleen
Eidt, Steven Carter Liu, Zhan Tran, Cristina My
Eliason, Christina Louise Long, Myra Chantel Tran, Joanna My
Eskioglu, Eric Lowry, Stephen John Tran, Linh Tuyet
Estes, Angela Maria Lyon, Christopher Michael Truong, Phu Van
Evans, Luke Thomas Magnuson, John Jason Van Doren, James Christopher
Fanning, Justin Shayne Malis, Michael John Vera, Tracy Lynn
Filardi, Delsie Asmarah Mallot, Cora Ann Voboril, Reggie Jo
Finks, Jonathan Scott Marefat, Babak Vu, Them Le
Firestone, Jennifer Kathryn Marquis, Charlton Reid Vuong, Phuong Le
Flaherty, Matthew Leonard Marron, Michelle Lynn Waldren, Steven Edward
Frieze, Todd Alan Marshall, Teresa Ann Weaver, Marsha Michelle
Genilo, Paul Gregory Martin, Steven Wayne Westhoff, Brenda Ann
Gilliland, Erin Tov Maxwell, Christopher David Wiens, Linda Carol
Glaeser, David Michael May, Lisa Ann Wilson, Elizabeth Carrington
Gleason, Bruce Alan Mcintyre, Christin Jane Wilson, Luke Anthony
Glynn, Kerstin Michelle Metzger, Jodi Lyn Wittner, Brandi Rose
Golightly, Brian Douglas Miller Jr., Richard David Wolf II, Milton Rue
Goodman, Scott Howard Miller, Brett Anthony Wood, Lisa Christine
Graham, Noel Michael Morgan, Chad Jason Wright, Andrew David
Gruenbacher, Douglas James Moss, Thomas Howard Yount, Brian James

School of Nursing
Allen, Melissa Jennifer Hansen, Tracy Kaye Ray, Jennifer Lynn
Avery, Jocelyn Renee Hardman, Wendy M Reichuber, Mark R
Bailey, Suzanne R Harris, Jennifer Denise Richardson, Amber M
Baker, Jody Marie Haynes, Jennifer Lynn Rives, Shanda R
Baker, Meredith Joy Heil, Kimberly Dawn Sampson, Jan Annette
Bell, Meredith B Henson, Amanda M Sanchez, Dennis Alberto
Berning, Paul R Hess, Chad Eugene Sanford, Dayna Marie
Biehler, Lisa Marie Hockett, Sandra Schmelzle, Danel Marie
Blackwell, Erica Dawn Hofer, Amy M Schmidt, Rebecca Sue
Brandow, Melissa Sue Jiang, Qinghe Schram, Jennifer Ellen
Breiburg, Anna Kiser, Marilee J Scott, Lynieta Lynn
Brewer, Mary Elizabeth Klepac, Judy Ann Seitz, Sheryl Lynn
Brewer, Paul E Knapp, James Michael Smith, Angela Marie
Brown, Christina Marie Krueger, Kristen Marie Smith, Julie Anne
Brown, Judy Diane Lagerstrom, Janelle L Spears, Holly Ann
Campbell, Deborah Lynn Lissauer, Jodi Ann Speer, Kimberly D
Carter, Jennifer Leigh Longabach, Tanya Shemiakina Stanton, Jennifer A
Clark, Karen Lee Ludwig, Erin Meredith Struzina, Sylvia Marie
Copeland, Carrie Lee Luthi, Amy K Studebaker, Melanie L
Dalke, Clarissa Ryan Lyles, Allison Joye Swartz, Melissa Montine
Dawson, Rachel Anne Maddox, Amy Elizabeth Sweany, Cynthia Ann
Deters, Henry Francis Mary, Christine A Tesch, Lori Helene
Dietz, Sommer Amber McClinton, Corean Tieleman, Marie Ann Magee
Dougherty, Mary Frances Michaelson, Jill Elizabeth Turpin, Cassidy L
Drummond, Angela Dawn Minge, Stacy Rae Unruh, Heidi Kristin
Dudziak, Jennifer A Mishler, Estelle Renae Vangotten, Bridget Renae
Eastwood-Tallmon,Mary Leanna Mitchell, Teresa Ann Wantland, Wendy E
Eichelkraut, Jaime M Moore, Carrie A Ware, Brenda L
Epp, Lynee Diane Morse, Allison Shea Wells, Michelle Ann
Erkmann, Erin Ann Nash, Nichele Denise Bellamy, Sherris
Evans, Christy Lynn Nelson, Mollie S Curtin, James Michael
Ewertz, Alisha Ann Nwaneri, Cletus E Dick, Caren Dee
Farrar, Jennifer Kristin O’Hara, Jennifer M Flakus, Barbara Jean
Ferguson, Ashley Danielle Oropeza-Vail, Melissa M Lewis, Marsha Lynn
Fernandez, Amy Michelle Ortiz, Jennifer Rene Nerney, Sandra Marie
Finney, Tiffiney Lynne-Marie Ott, Thomas Duane Ornelas-Rios, Yvonne S
Fisher, Shari Janel Palmer, Valerie Lynn Swiger, Christine Louise
Foltz, Melanie Ann Parry, Cynthia J Thompson, Rosemarie Mallory
Fucik, Shanon Lea Pendarvis, Terrah Ann Wilcox, Jeana Renee
Gari, Aster Gerba Perez, Miguel Angel Hornberger, Cynthia Ann
Goodloe, Lucy Poling, Tiffany Diane Ross, Jill Allard
Greenwald, Mariza R Raby, Katalin J Scheibmeir, Monica Sue
Hamilton, Ramona Jo Rasmussen, Summer Jean Wendel, Shirley Anne

*Names listed include only those students graduating in May 1999.


05209912.jpg (18524 bytes)
Diane K. Boyle, RN, PhD,
assistant professor of nursing
05209913.jpg (20011 bytes)
Louis H. Wetzel, associate
professor of radiology

05209911.jpg (40853 bytes)
Vincent H. Gattone II, PhD,
professor of anatomy and cell biology

Boyle, Gattone and Wetzel named outstanding teachers
Three KUMC faculty members are among seven University of Kansas educators receiving Distinguished Teaching Awards for 1999 during commencement ceremonies Sunday, May 23.
Receiving the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Classroom Teacher are: Diane K. Boyle, RN, PhD, assistant professor of nursing; Vincent H. Gattone II, PhD, professor of anatomy and cell biology; and Louis H. Wetzel, associate professor of radiology.
“For teachers, an award like this is really affirming of all of the hard work we do,” Dr. Boyle said. “I enjoy my job because it’s very rewarding. An award like this is like getting the cherry on a sundae.”
The three recipients will be among the faculty seated on the platform during commencement. They will also be honored at the Alumni Association All-University Supper Friday, May 21, at the Adams Alumni Center.
The Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Classroom Teacher is presented annually to faculty members of KUMC.


MNRS cites two PhD students
Two outstanding PhD candidates in the School of Nursing received awards from the Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS).

05209914.jpg (31318 bytes)
Monica Scheibmeir
Monica Scheibmeir, RN, ARNP, PhD, won the first award ever presented by the MNRS for a graduate student in the Health Seeking Behavior division. Dr. Scheibmeir received the award for her dissertation examining the causal factors associated with smoking cessation among pregnant women.
Dr. Scheibmeir has more than 13 years experience as a nurse practitioner. She currently works as a nurse practitioner for the Shawnee County Health Agency and as a teacher.

Barbara Smith, RN, MN, won the first MNRS Dissertation Research Award. The award includes a grant which will provide funding for her dissertation research on the care and outcomes for schizophrenia.
Smith is the quality manager for Carondolet Home Care Services. She has more than 25 years of clinical and administrative experience in psychiatric care.Smith also received the Sigma Theta Tau International Delta Chapter Graduate Student (Doctoral) Award. The award recognizes a doctoral student with a
grade point average of 3.8 or better who has demonstrated scholarship and leadership activities.


05209915.jpg (62481 bytes)
Recipients of the 1999 Dean’s Scholarship will be honored at the School of Allied Health Student Recognition Ceremony May 22. Award winners are shown with Winnie Dunn, Executive Vice Chancellor Donald Hagen, Dean Karen L. Miller and faculty members of the search committee.


Epp receives national leadership award
While attending a banquet at the National Student Nurses Association’s (NSNA) annual convention last month, Lynee Epp, a senior in the School of Nursing, felt her heart race.
At the podium, the speaker was introducing the winner of the organization’s prestigious Isabel Hampton Robb Leadership Award. “During the introduction, I heard some of my quotes being read,” Epp said. “Once I realized they were talking about me, I thought my heart was going to jump right out of my chest.”
In recognition of her outstanding leadership skills as president of the Kansas Association of Nursing Students, the NSNA presented Epp with a check for $1,000 and a commemorative edition of Isabel Hampton Robb’s book, originally published
in 1893.
“Winning this award is still a big shock to me,” Epp said. She added that she was proud of the letters of recommendation sent to the committee on her behalf. “Knowing my instructors and the administration think so much of me means more to me than the actual award,” she said. “I really appreciate their support.”
For the past two years, Epp has worked in the pediatric ICU at Children’s Mercy Hospital.


whatsnew.jpg (23507 bytes)

05209916.jpg (21660 bytes) KUMC stages JCAHO Fair June 7
Mark your calendar and plan to attend the JCAHO Fair, June 7 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Prairie Room, Delp Cafeteria. The fair, staged by KU Hospital, will offer a variety of information to help employees, physicians and students prepare for the upcoming JCAHO survey. Also in store are food, fun and free gifts—a drawing every hour—so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make KU Hospital “Shine in ’99.”

Customer Service, LIFELINE for University employees only
Encore Customer Service, a four-hour customer relations training program which began Tuesday, May 18 and will run through Thursday, June 3, is for University (State of Kansas) employees only. If you have questions regarding this program, call ext. 5099.
A free LIFELINE/Stress Management Workshop offered by the State Division of Personnel Services is also open to State of Kansas employees only. This 1 hour program is designed to increase employees’ awareness of stress and provide strategies to manage it. The workshop will be conducted by New Directions Behavioral Health, the State of Kansas employee assistance program provider. Workshops are offered at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Friday, June 18, in Clendening Amphitheater. To reserve space, call University Benefits, ext. 5087.

05209917.jpg (41689 bytes) Honored at a recent reception in Clendening Library were Tsuneo Suzuki, MD, PhD, left, interim chair of microbiology, molecular genetics and immunology, and Opendra Narayan, DVM, PhD, new chairman of the department.

June bus passes for KU Hospital employees
Discounted Metro Monthly Bus Passes and Reduced Fare Bus Passes for the month of June are on sale to KU Hospital employees only May 25-31. Passes are available in both Hospital Human Resources locations, 5021 Delp and G415 KU Hospital. Monthly passes are available at an $8 discount. Reduced Fare passes for senior citizens and persons with disabilities are offered at a $4 discount.
Nursing faculty published in textbook
Several former and current faculty members of the KU School of Nursing were published recently in the text Creating Nursing’s Future: Issues, Opportunities and Challenges. Eleanor J. Sullivan, RN, PhD, FAAN, former dean of the School of Nursing authored the book. Karen Miller, RN, PhD, FAAN, dean and professor contributed to the text, along with Helen Connors, RN, PhD, associate dean for academic affairs, Linda Davies of Dykes Library and Susan Fry, former chief nurse of KU Hospital.

Festoff inducted into Miami Hall of Fame
Barry W. Festoff, MD, professor of Neurology and Pharmacology and staff neurologist and director of neurobiology research at the Kansas City VAMC, was inducted into the University of Miami School of Medicine Hall of Fame at commencement activities May 15. Dr. Festoff will also attend and present an invited talk at the FASEB Summer Research Conference in Saxton’s River, Vt., on Thrombin and Vascular Medicine entitled, “Thrombin Signaling And Synapoptosis: Evidence For The Fish Rotting From The Tail.”


classifieds.jpg (41132 bytes)

Antique wardrobe, solid wood w/carvings, $950; bunkbed w/futon, full-sized bottom converts into daybed, almost new, black metal tubing, $350;
solid wood writing desk, $60. Call 671-8710.
Pentium 90, 32 RAM, 4X CD/ROM, 14” VGA monitor, 430 hard drive, 14.4 fax modem, keyboard and mouse, $200. Call Howard, 299-8408.
Child craft oak crib, $250 new, sell for $50; girls’ clothing, newborn through 18 months; maternity clothes, size 8-10, small and medium. Call Penny,
Boy’s bike, Magna, 18-gear, 18” wheels, great cond., $45. Call 531-6183.

1996 White Firebird Formula, V8, 6-spd., 24K miles, leather interior, CD player, loaded, T-top, $15,000. Call 269-6918.
1987 Honda Accord LX, 5-spd., A/C, all power, very clean, good student car, $2,500. Call 383-8287 after 6 p.m.
1992 Nissan Maxima SE, 113K miles, exc.cond., $7,000. Call 671-8710.
1989 Nissan Maxima GXE, 93K miles, exc.-cond., sunroof, auto, $4,750. Call 829-1921.
1993 Mazda MX6, V6, A/C, CD player, 87K miles. Call 444-7229.

For Rent: 3BR house, 4147 Cambridge (walking distance from KUMC), hardwood floors, 1 yr. lease and security deposit reqd., no pets, available 6/1/99, $600/mo. Call 292-3973 and leave message.
For Rent: 2BR house, 3001 N. 36th St., KCK, $325/mo. and $300 deposit. Call Howard, 299-8408.
For Rent: Large home at 7117 Summit (Brookside/Waldo area), 4BR, 2BA, hardwood floors, screened porch, full bsmnt., FP, major appliances incl., new A/C, new paint, ample closet space, off-street parking, lawn maint. provided, year lease reqd.,
$1,150 deposit, $1150/mo. with references. Call Bernie at 523-3724 for more information.

Canning jars, sizes: gallon, 1/2 gallon and quarts, reasonably priced, not collecting, for food storage.
Call 461-1901.

Several lines were accidentally deleted from the story that appeared on page 1 of the May 13 In The Center. The conclusion of the story should have read: Dr. Templeton said that if Nicole had received additional chemotherapy, the cancer from the bone would probably have returned. Radiation therapy would have killed the growth plate of the bone. In addition, the risk of developing a secondary cancer due to the radiation is about 10 percent.



Friday, May 21:
•    National Institutes of Heath Roundtable Broadcast, “Current Issues in the Management of Breast Cancer,” 11 a.m.- noon, Family Medicine.

Monday, May 24:
•    Alzheimer’s Disease Support Group, noon-1:30 p.m.,
Delp Cafeteria.

Tuesday, May 25:
•    Cognitive Therapy Addiction Support Group, 1-2:30 p.m., Family Medicine Clinic.
•    Center on Aging Research Seminar, “Quality of Life
After Stroke” 4-5 p.m., Clendening Auditorium.

Wednesday, May 26:
•    Diabetes Self-Management Series, 9-11 a.m., 1107
KU Hospital.
•    KUMC Interfaith, noon-1 p.m., 3041 Wescoe.
•    National Stuttering Project Support Group, 7-9 p.m.,
1018 Orr-Major.

Thursday, May 27:
•    Nursing Continuing Education (1.0 hour CEU), “Herbs and Cancer: What’s Proven, What’s Not,” 11:30 lunch for the first
40 attendees and registration, presentation at noon, Clendening Auditorium, call ext. 6550
to register.
•    Lung Transplant Support Group, noon-2 p.m., Westwood City Hall, 47th and Rainbow.
•    Burn Patient Family Support Group, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Burn Center Waiting Room.
•    Manic Depressive/Depression Support Group, 7 p.m., Cottonwood Room,
Delp Cafeteria.


Donald Hagen, MD - Executive Vice Chancellor KUMC
Irene Cumming - CEO and President KU Hospital
Ken Arnold - Editor
Leslie Champlin - Writer
Jim Burton - Graphic Designer

IN THE CENTER is the employee and student publication of the University of Kansas Medical Center. It is published weekly by the office of Public Relations and Marketing. The deadline for submitting news briefs is noon on the Thursday before they are to appear. Send story ideas to Ken Arnold, editor, G114 Hospital, or e-mail: <karnold> or call ext. 1298.

Ad Policy
Send or bring your ad to G114 KU Hospital, or fax to ext. 1225, or e-mail: <karnold> by noon Thursday of the week before it is to run. Ads run free of charge for employees, students and volunteers. For-sale ads are limited to three items. All ads must include the advertiser’s name and work extension (or medical student box number) for verification. Only home phone numbers–no pager numbers or KUMC extensions–will be published. No ads for commercial services or pets for sale will be accepted. Ads will not be taken by telephone. Only one phone number per ad. Ads may be held a week of space is limited.

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