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Position Title
Postdoctoral Fellowship

Boston College

University Counseling Services

Salary Range
at least $33,141 for 11 months

Position Description
THE FELLOWSHIP provides postdoctoral clinical and counseling psychologists with a concentrated training experience in which they (1) attain advanced clinical skills with a young adult population manifesting the broad spectrum of psychopathology and (2) develop expertise in the challenges prevalent in university mental health practice today. At the core of a Fellow’s training are his or her clinical work, individual supervision, and participation in the team-work of the department. Fellows are viewed as emerging professional colleagues and given the collaborative support and guidance necessary to participate fully in the multidimensional service delivery of clinical services that is typical of college mental health settings. They inevitably acquire considerable depth and breadth in their treatment and consulting skills as they see over 100 clients and triage 40-50 others through psychological emergencies. With the concentrated exposure to a late-adolescent and young-adult clinical population, Fellows hone their formulation and treatment-planning skills, and they develop practical understanding of the intersections of psychopathology with developmental forces. They also gain experience with the unusual diagnostic and treatment challenges posed by those clients who present as both high-functioning and diagnostically quite troubled. Fellows complete the fellowship year with more than 1600 license-eligible hours of supervised practice and with a consolidated sense of their professional competence and personal career direction. In recent years, about half of our Fellows have gone on to acquire permanent positions in university mental health settings. The other half have gone on to work in private/group practices or mental health agencies.

Minimum Qualifications
PhD or PsyD in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. Completed internship before start date of 8/17/14.

Desired Qualifications

University Description
Boston College is a unviersity of over 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students located in both Boston and Newton, MA. BC is a Jesuit Catholic institution with a rich tradition of academic rigor and social involvement. At the larger institutional level, BC recruits and supports a student body that is increasingly comprised of persons of color and persons who come from backgrounds of social and economic disenfranchisement. Presently, the proportion of students identified as AHANA (African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) is approximately 25%. The additional number of students of less demonstrable, but non-dominant ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic origins is notable. Students of all these backgrounds are clearly visible among the population seen by our service.

Region Description

Required Application Materials
1. Letter detailing interest in the Fellowship and University Mental Health Practice. 2. CV 3. Official Graduate Transcripts 4. Two letters of recommendations from recent clinical supervisors. 5. Applicant Questionnaire (obtainable from our website at www.bc.edu/offices/counseling/postdoc

Application Deadline
January 2, 2014

Starting Date
August 18, 2014

Send Applications To:
Craig Burns, Ph.D. - Director of Training

Mailing Address
Gasson 001 - 140 Commonwealth Ave
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

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