University of Akron Eating Disorders Treatment Team


Regarding Referrals to Outside Agencies and Refusal of Service

The University of Akron maintains a multidisciplinary Treatment Team to serve students who have eating disorders. This Team consists of professionals and supervised practicum students from the disciplines of psychology, nutrition/dietetics, and health services. Although this Team strives to provide high-quality service, there are times that the University’s resources are not adequate for a particular client’s needs. In this instance, the Team will refer that client out to an outside service provider, and monitor the referral until the client is firmly established in working with the new provider.

Clinical criteria for outside referral include, but are not limited to:

1) Weight for height < 80%

2) BMI (body mass index) < 16

3) Severe and/or rapid weight loss (% change)

Time period Severe change

1 week...........................> 2%

1 month.........................> 5%

3 months.......................> 7.5%

6 months.......................> 10%

4) % Body Fat < 13% (for women)

5) Caloric intake severely below recommended as per professional judgment, and not improving with intervention.

6) Cardiac arrhythmias

7) Persistently low potassium that has been unresponsive to outpatient treatment

8) Symptoms of inadequate cerebral perfusion or mentation (e.g., fainting, severe dizziness, listlessness)

9) Severe depression or other mental disorder

10) Frequency and intensity of unhealthy behaviors (e.g., vomiting, laxative abuse, exercise, restrictive eating) that requires additional intervention

11) Need for services more than once a week

12) Noncompliance with treatment plan

13) Appropriate modality of treatment is not offered at the University

14) Any additional criteria deemed appropriate by Treatment Team professionals.

Each case will be taken on an individual basis and staffed by the Team before the decision to refer is made. Differential clusters of the above criteria may result in differential referrals. Clients will be involved in the referral decision and process. Each agency on the Team will support the decisions and judgments of other Team members within those Team members’ areas of expertise.