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L VansaghiLisa Vansaghi, MD

Program Director
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

I joined the residency program leadership in 2004, after completing residency and a chief resident year here in our program. During my residency, and especially as chief resident, I became interested in staying in academics because I enjoy the environment of lifelong learning in academic medical centers. I had several mentors in the department whose guidance was invaluable, and could think of nothing more satisfying than the opportunity to serve as a mentor to residents. I chose to continue working with the program in an administrative capacity, in addition to my hospitalist responsibilities, because I am proud of our residency program's success and I am committed to further improvements in our inpatient training.

Applicants may find that, after a few interviews, residency programs will tend to blend together, and distinguishing between them can be difficult. I encourage applicants to consider not only tangible factors such as geography, availability of fellowship opportunities, and work schedules, but also the intangible characteristics that define a program. Perhaps the most important factor in your happiness during residency will be whether or not you can develop friendships with your colleagues, and whether or not you are treated with respect by your attending physicians. At KU, applicants will find that our residents enjoy each other's company, both inside the hospital and during their free time, and that our faculty members are engaged in the learning process, and are excited about teaching. These characteristics are difficult to convey within the confines of the interview day, but are paramount to a resident's quality of life.