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Department of Internal Medicine
General Medicine faculty

General and Geriatric Medicine

S Babbott
Stewart Babbott, MD, FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Division of General and Geriatric Medicine
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency

Providing high quality patient care through education, scholarship and clinical services is the mission of the Division of General and Geriatric Medicine. Members of the division are active in and have leadership responsibilities in both administrative and educational roles in addition to their clinical activities. The mission of the division is carried out through these roles and in our four areas of clinical focus: Ambulatory Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospital Medicine and Palliative Medicine.

An energetic and committed faculty of 31 staffs the division including four chief residents and four faculty with dual appointments. All of our faculty has a teaching role with medical students and medical residents and several of our faculty hold leadership positions in undergraduate and graduate medical education programs.

Ambulatory Medicine
Ten division members provide care and teaching in Internal Medicine Residency Clinic on site at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Faculty work with medical students in various programs from the first three years of medical school, and work with residents for their ambulatory continuing care experience. Members are involved in clinical, educational and administrative leadership roles.

Geriatric Medicine
Within General Medicine and Geriatrics, two physicians focus on internal medicine-based geriatrics. Their work is primarily conducted at the Landon Center on Aging, a freestanding, modern facility with easy access for patients. Our faculty are integral in Geriatrics focused programs for students and residents funded by a Reynolds Foundation Grant.

Hospital Medicine
Our 17 hospitalists staff four academic Inpatient ward teams, one private Hospital service and a Medicine Consultation Service at the University of Kansas Medical Center Hospital. This growing group is committed to the practice and teaching of high-quality patient care. Hospitalist faculty are involved in medical directorships, medical student clerkships as well as key clinical faculty positions for the residency program. Our faculty have been instrumental in the development and implementation of our current advanced clinical information system as well as responsible for the development and maintenance of quality improvement projects in the hospital.

Palliative Medicine
Employs a team approach in operation of the inpatient Palliative Medicine consultation service, working closely with team clinical nurse specialists and social workers.  Through expert symptom management, counseling to make sure that patients’ preferences are understood and honored, and facilitation of communication between health care providers, this program strives to achieve the highest quality in patient and family centered care for those dealing with progressive illness and life change. Four faculty in the Palliative Medicine section, in partnership with Kansas City Hospice and Palliative Care, operate the region’s first Palliative Medicine fellowship training program, and as well work with residents and medical students to teach the principles of Palliative Medicine.

Three of our full time faculty spend the majority of their time in funded research and a large number of our faculty have successful scholarship around each of their individual areas of  clinical, educational or administrative interest and expertise.




Divisional Contacts

  • Director: Stewart Babbott, M.D.
  • Clinic Phone Number: 913-588-3974
  • Clinic Nurse Manager: Beverly Eli, 913-588-1904
  • Office Contact: Christy Kieser, 913-588-6063