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Payroll Expense Report - Payroll detail per employee  


HR Module:  

When run in detail mode, page breaks occur after each pay period and each employee appears on a separate line within the pay period, which displays their gross plus fringe details. Any RFAs posted for the pay period appear on separate pages, one RFA per page. There is a summary line showing the totals for the pay period.

When run in summary mode, the report displays one line per voucher transaction (either regular payroll or RFA) with the total paid on that voucher. There is no individual employee information included.

This report can be run for the Fiscal Year or pay period(s) by distribution code(s) or SpeedType in your department. To run for SpeedTypes affiliated with another department, contact the SpeedType owner to be granted access.

See the Payroll Expense Report   procedure reference for more information.