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Institutional Finance & Administration
PeopleSoft Administrative System Support


  • PeopleSoft Access Form
    This form should be completed by all staff members that require the use of the PeopleSoft Financial or HR/Pay systems. First time PeopleSoft users will complete this form in the training class.
  • Affiliate Information Form
    This form comes in two versions - one for PeopleSoft Users and one for Volunteer Faculty.
    • The PeopleSoft Users version should be completed by any person who will use the PeopleSoft system but is not employed by the State of Kansas. For example, employees of KUPI, the Research Institute, the KU Bookstore, and MPA need to complete this form, in addition to the PeopleSoft Access Form, to be granted access to the system. Open PeopleSoft User Affiliate form.
    • The Volunteer Faculty version should be completed for any person who will serve as a volunteer faculty member in order to get him/her entered into the PeopleSoft system. The form may be completed either by the hiring department or by the volunteer faculty member him/herself. Open Volunteer Faculty Affiliate form.
  • PeopleSoft Central Office Access Form
    This form should be completed by Central Office departments requesting PeopleSoft access for their staff.  Central Office users include the areas of Accounts Payable, Control & Reporting, Payroll, Human Resources, Research Institute, and other administrative departments.
  • PeopleSoft Course Registration Form
    Use this form to register for training courses.
  • PeopleSoft Delete Form
    Use this form to delete an employee's access to PeopleSoft.
  • PeopleSoft Department Change Form
    Use this form if you have changed jobs within KUMC and still require the use of the PeopleSoft system in your new position.  The form will update your departmental information as well as your new location and phone number.
  • PeopleSoft Location Change Form
    Use this form to change your PeopleSoft account information after your office has moved to a new location.
  • PeopleSoft Name Change Form
    Use this form to change your PeopleSoft sign-on, only after you have changed your name with the Payroll department.