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Timesheet Correction Forms

When a correction is required after the deadline for timekeepers to make time entries, whether for the current pay period or retroactively for a prior pay period, Payroll staff will need to make the change. A completed and signed Timesheet Correction Form is required to make these changes. Separate forms exist for Exempt, Non‑exempt, and Student employees. Please follow the instructions on this page to correctly complete and submit a Timesheet Correction Form.

  1. Follow the link below to the appropriate Timesheet Correction Form. The form will open in a separate window.
  2. Complete the following fields:  Department Number, Pay Period Start Date, Employee Name, Employee ID, Position Number, Record Number, and FTE. (This information is available on the employee's PeopleSoft timesheet).
  3. Select your Payroll Specialist from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the grid, correctly enter the employee's hours for the entire pay period, selecting the necessary Earnings Codes from the drop-down menus. Enter the time on the form just as you would enter it into PeopleSoft.
  5. Check that the correct totals were calculated for each week and for the entire pay period.
  6. Enter the reason you are submitting this Timesheet Correction Form in the Reason for Correction field.
  7. Print the form using the Print button.
  8. On the printed copy, circle any hours that Payroll should correct. This will call attention to the changes that need to be made. 
  9. Obtain all of the signatures specified on the form. If any signature is illegible, print the name under the signature.
  10. Fax the form to Payroll at 913-588-5200.