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KUMC Employee Personnel Information Data Form

The Employee Personnel Information Data Form is an Adobe Acrobat form with fillable fields that will collect basic information about you as an employee. You can fill-in the fields directly on the form using the computer and then print the form, or if you prefer you may print the form and then fill it in by hand.

When Adobe Acrobat opens, to help locate the form fields for computer-based-entry, you may wish to turn on the display of the fields by clicking the Highlight fields check box in the yellow field near the top of the form that appears. The yellow field looks like the image below:

Also, if you need to zoom in or out, locate the Zoom toolbar as pictured below.

The tools on the toolbar do the following, from left to right:

  • (Magnifying Glass) - Zooms closer with each click. A right-click will allow you to choose your zoom level
  • (Sheet of Paper) - Zoom to actual size
  • (Up/Down Arrows) - Fit entire page to height of window
  • (Left/Right Arrows - Fit entire page to width of window
  • (Zoom drop-down) - Zoom to the percentage you choose

The form will open in a new Adobe Acrobat window.

Once you have completed the Employee Personnel Information Data Form, print it, close Adobe Acrobat, then you can continue through the steps in this web browser.