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If you would like to have information on the progress of a retroactive funding adjustment (RFA) that has been submitted, complete the following information. This panel does not generate any reports..

To find out the progress of a change, just complete the top of the form.

If you are looking at a report and questioning an adjustment that is completed, fill in the report number, date and document/voucher #.

The reason helps payroll research your request. It is not mandatory.

Tell us how to get back with you, complete the submitted by, phone and email information.

When the form is submitted, an email will be sent to payroll so your request can be researched and answered.


Position Number:        Effective Date:

Empl ID:                      End Date (*):
                                                                            * this may require a second HRIS

Empl Name:

Date the request (HRIS) for change left the department:

Information appears on (type of report-example JPAY116): 

Report dated:    Document/Voucher #:

Reason for inquiry:

Monitoring a grant          Preparing month end reports         

Department review of Speedtype         Previous Fiscal Year Adjustment

Request Submitted by:

Requester's Phone Number:    Requester's email: