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Warrant Info

  • Request for Warrant Form  


    Distribution of Warrants

    All warrants will be mailed to vendors by the State of Kansas from Topeka with the following exceptions:

    A. Warrants requiring accompanying documentation (such as an application form, contract signature, abastract form, registration form, etc.) will be mailed by the requesting Medical Center department.

      (1) Examples of warrants that might require accompanying information are:

    B. Warrants needing to be hand delivered to the recipient will be returned to the requesting Medical Center organization.

      (1) Examples of warrants needing to be returned to an organization/department are:
        Payment to speakers

    Department will:

    1. Enter a requisition on-line electronically.
    2. Fill out form - Request for Warrant   and submit to Accounts Payable with accompanying documentation.
    3. Receive on-line.
    4. Wait for Accounts Payable to call for pick up of check.
    5. Go to Support Service Facility Rm-120 to sign for warrant.
    6. Mail to the vendor warrant and additional documentation.

    Accounts Payable will:

    1. Receive Request for Warrant from department.
    2. Deny-Accounts Payable will reveiw for valid reason, if it is not acceptable the request will be DENIED and the warrant will be mailed to the address indicated on the invoice.
    3. Approved-Accounts Payable will reveiw for valid reason, if the reason meets guidelines the request will be APPROVED.
    4. Will change the handling code electronically to indicate that the warrant is to be returned to KUMC.
    5. Upon return of warrant, will call department to pick up and sign for warrant.