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Research Institute

2014 Faculty Research Day Poster Session

Deadline to submit is August 29, 2014


The 2014 Faculty Research Day will be held on October 30, 2014. The University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute encourage each faculty member who is currently engaged in performing research to present a poster. Posters that have been or will be presented at local, national or international meetings are entirely suitable. The posters will be on display October 30th in the School of Nursing.

You can pick from one of two ways to display your poster, either in the standard paper format or in an e-Poster format. Only one viewing format will be allowed per poster. A limited number of standard paper posters will be furnished with a freestanding display board of 4’ x 8’, with assigned numbers.

e-Posters will also be assigned a number and will be displayed on laptops that will be set up in the same location as the standard posters. e-Posters will allow your counterparts in Wichita and Salina to also view and take part in the Faculty Research Day Poster Session. If you choose this option, forward your PowerPoint or PDF of your e-Poster to Kelly Robertson, by September 5, 2014.

To participate in either type of Poster Session, click "Register Now!" below and fill in the required information on or before August 29, 2014.

Questions can be directed to: Kelly Robertson, KUMC Research Institute, 913/588-5436,